November 14, 2013

New Location - Same Great Stuff

Hi guys! I'm pretty sure no one reads this blog anymore because it has literally been years since anything was posted here. However, just in case anyone occasionally checks in here I have moved my blogging over to Just A Girl In The Arena. I would love to have you follow me over there. Hope to see you soon. Hugs, Stacy

June 19, 2011

June Gypsies

June has been a month of travel for Stacy and I. This is the reason behind the lack of blogging that you may have noticed. We have turned our move into an opportunity to visit some beautiful places. I have managed to scrape together a few pictures thanks to facebook, but there will be more to come once I am able to find a decent computer. Enjoy!

June 9, 2011

On Being Amy For A Day (Stacy)

Yesterday, Mel and I followed Amy around all day long and attended almost all of her exercise classes (we had to sneak out of one due to some scheduling issues). It was so much fun and definitely exhausting. We started the day off with a 6:00 am cycle class which was an absolute blast. It was a great way to wake up and get our sweat on before the day began. After cycle we had a little bit of a break until Body Attack at 11:00. Body Attack is a super fun class with all sorts of plyometric drills and interval training. I love going to that class! During the afternoon I had a chance to work on packing and more moving stuff and then it was off to the gym again for a 30 minute abs class followed by Body Pump. Following Amy around for the day was incredibly fun but it also made me see my sister in a new way. She is an amazing person and I adore having her as my sister. However, I never realized just how much energy and passion she puts into her job. Amy works so hard at making everyone in the class feel welcome and she powers through each of the workouts like she has all the energy in the world. In between the exercise classes, she is an amazing mom, wife, sister, friend and so much more. I am truly blessed to have the original wonder woman as my sister!

June 8, 2011

Tales Of The Unemployed (Mel)

So this is what I have been missing all these years!

Beginning last Friday I did something I have only dreamed about doing since I was 15 years old. I quit my job without a single prospect of another (at least for a little while). I have officially been unemployed for two days and man I LOVE it! Of course it is not as if I am doing absolutelyy nothing, because I am in the midst of moving to South Carolina as well as helping Stacy move to Florida. But it has also freed up time for some awesome things that I never would have had time for while I was part of the workforce. Let me review so you can all be jealous…


Woke up around 8:30 (That never happens!)

Went for a run with Stacy (We hit up a lot of our favorite running spots…Byrd park, The Nickle Bridge, Pony Pasture, Grove Ave, and Carytown)

Took a nap

Went to Amy’s Body Pump class (And Amy’s classes are always amazing!)

Ate a peach while taking a walk with absolutely gorgeous weather

Made a delicious dinner and watched The Fighter.


Woke up a bit earlier and went running through University of Richmond.

Spent some time in meditation by the pond

Went to lunch with this lovely woman

Did a little bit of work, but not too much!

Went and got a manicure and pedicure followed by a delicious dinner with this lovely woman (My mother in law)

And now here I sit, typing this and enjoying the rest of the evening with Stacy. And tomorrow I get to shadow Amy! What a life!

June 7, 2011

Houseguest (Mel)

So this week I packed all my belongings and placed them on a truck to be taken to South Carolina. Seeing as I am now here in Richmond with an empty house, Stacy has been kind enough to share her apartment with me. So I am crashing at her place, and I am sure crashing her style. One thing that you must know about Stacy and I, is that we are completely different when it comes to our organizational skills. Stacy is the essence of organization, and manages to have everything planned out to the tiniest detail. I am more of a fly by the seat of your pants girl and take on tasks as they present themselves. Because of this I am almost certain that it makes me a very hard house guest to have. Let’s take a look at
Exhibit A:
As you can plainly see by this picture, that to the untrained eye this is just a messy pile of things. However, there is some sort of system that I have implemented so that I am able to somehow throw together an outfit each morning.
Exhibit B:
As you can plainly see from this picture I am very happy with my pile of stuff. However, I am going to try and clean this up a bit in order to be a bit more accommodating to my wonderful host. With all that said I am having a blast rooming with Stacy!We have gotten to go on some awesome runs, made some delicious food, and even talk late into the night. I almost feel like we are kids sharing a room again, but even better since we are in charge Sorry about the mess Stacy, and thanks so much for sharing your home!

June 6, 2011


So this week my baby girl turned 7 years old which officially makes me feel old! Pretty sure I am no where near old enough to have a 7 year old but it has happened! We celebrated her and the wonderful person she is on her actual birthday, which was on Thursday, by going out to dinner and then spending the evening at the pool.
The big party was held on Sunday at the park. While we were a bit concerned that rain would ruin the party, we were lucky that it cleared up just in time for the party. We were blessed to have family and good friends join us and Malia had a blast!

June 4, 2011

My Long Lost Friend....SLEEP! (Amy)

This week, sleep and I have definitely been on different pages.

Sunday night was my best night of sleep. The Triple Threat ladies had an awesome slumber party and after some Delicious Skinny Girl Margarita's and lots of girl talk, we all hit the bed by 11:30 and were able to sleep in until 7:30! AHHHHH bliss!

Monday, busy day and a late night! My head hit the pillow about 12:30 and was up at 4am for a personal training client at 5am and a TRX class at 6am.

Tuesday night, I crawled into bed at midnight  only to be woken up at 1 and  then again around 3 first by my youngest  and then by my oldest. I finally gave up on sleep around 5.

Wednesday, I was a walking zombie and was so excited to get into bed by 11. However, it wasn't to be. I was woken up by my youngest at 1 and spent the rest of the night sitting up so she could sleep on my chest while I gave her breathing treatments. (Seasonal allergies and possible asthma hits her REALLY hard.) I think I did manage to fall asleep between 4:30 and 7 but I was sitting up with a 4 year old in my lap and it wasn't exactly quality sleep.

By the time Thursday came around,  exhausted does not even begin to explain it. I fell into bed at 11:45 and forced myself to lay there.  I was exhausted yet had consumed so much caffeine throughout the day in order to have the energy to enjoy my daughters birthday that sleep avoided me.  I FINALLY dozed off around 3 and woke up at 5:50 (50 min after my alarm was to go off...FML) so I could teach cycle.

I know that tonight will not be an early night but I am aiming to be in bed by 11pm. I have a BUSY day tomorrow followed by my daughters birthday party on Sunday. I need a week to recover and just catch up on sleep! If only I could sleep like this......