January 29, 2009

Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This...

Do you ever have one of those days when you just want to sit down and cry? It seems like everything is going wrong today and it is hard to keep on smiling. I know that tomorrow will be a fresh start and most of these things that seem like huge issues right now, won't matter a bit but as for this moment I feel like pouting and whining and complaining.

I had an amazing run this morning and a great time chatting with my sister while stretching out my legs after the run. Today was a tough 85 minute tempo run and it wore me out. After the run, I did a little bit of a weight workout with the focus on my quads and hamstrings. I know my legs will be feeling this tomorrow. I am excited to go to yoga tonight and stretch my sore muscles out a bit. My favorite teacher is teaching yoga tonight and so I know it will be amazing.

I have really been loving the new coffee at Starbucks lately. I am a coffee freak and have to have my thermos of coffee every single morning. Maybe when I am not so lazy I will post a picture of my adorable pink coffee thermos. The new coffee is called Casi Cielo and it reminds me of the Cafe Verona...not quite as good as Verona but very close!

As far as food goes today, I haven't really had anything outstanding but my lunch was tasty. I am hooked on quinoa lately and had a HUGE bowl of it mixed with some veggies and a little balsamic vinegar. It was so delicious and filling. I added a little bit of protein to my meal with a lemon yogurt that I ate frozen. I love to freeze my yogurt and eat it like ice cream.

I am currently training for the DC National Marathon with my husband (H), sister (Mel) and brother in law (Billy). We are all following a similar plan with different paces and adapting it to our preferences. So far it is working out pretty well and it has been so wonderful to train together. It really is awesome to have people to run the long runs with. I have done long runs alone and with a group and it is always more fun as a group. We did 24 miles this past weekend and it was a good time overall. It is always so interesting for me to observe all of the ups and downs that we go through on long runs. There are times when we are all chatting and laughing and goofing around but there are also times when we yell and get frustrated and whine. There are always those miles of silence as well when you can tell that everyone just wants to be finished! Good times! : )

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  1. long runs are like the cure for the working mate,its always a little better when its done a sense of self pride i did that then u drive the course & ur like I DID THAT lets run double next week then ur hooked hurt but ur a runner keep it up girl those runs make u who u r