February 9, 2009

Back and Better Than Ever

What a wonderful weekend! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and made me wish that it was time for spring. I am crossing my fingers that spring will come extra early this year because honestly, I am tired of running in the cold. I am also ready to get my bike out again and start riding. I am a cold weather wimp when it comes to riding my bike. I put my bike away in November and don't pull it out again until the temperature is back up to at least 65 degrees. My bike is so special to me because not only have I been on a lot of fun adventures with that beautiful bike but it also serves as a reminder of what hard work and perseverance can accomplish. About five years ago my husband and I decided that we were going to start training for triathlons with the ultimate goal of completing an Ironman race before we turned 30. At the time, 30 seemed like a long way off and we sort of put the dream on the back burner. We spent the next couple of years working on our running and having fun. Fast forward to January of 2007 and picture me and my precious husband sitting at a coffee shop writing out our goals and resolutions for the year, this is when it hit us that we weren't getting any younger and 30 was approaching fast. At this point, both of us were pretty decent runners with quite a few marathons under our belt but we had minimal swim experience and absolutely no experience on a road bike. We started to do some research and by April 2007 we both had beautiful new road bikes. We spent an absolute fortune on our road bikes with the hope that this would motivate us to use them and not just let them sit and collect dust. I picked a beautiful pink Orbea Aqua Dama and dubbed her my Pink Lady. We spent the next few months trying to figure out the bikes and had a lot of fun adventures on them along the way. We also had quite a few spills and both have the scars to prove it. It has been a crazy transition from running to triathlons because being a cyclist is a lot more technical than running. We have learned how to change tires, how to ride in traffic, how to outrun dogs and how to store enough food in a bike bag for a 100 mile ride. We have spent time laughing and crying on our bikes. We have vowed to never ride again and talked about our dreams of winning a race...any race. We have created games to distract ourselves during the miles and sang every song we could think of to pass the hours. We have grown to enjoy wearing spandex shorts and don't giggle too much about the butt pads anymore. Our bikes have been an investment in our lives as athletes but they have also taught us a lot about who we are as people. This is why I cannot wait for spring to get here. I am looking forward to seeing where my travels will take me this year.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! That is so awesome that you and hubby have bonded with each other on your bikes! Hope you and Pink Lady have a great day!