February 12, 2009

An Early Valentine!

Look who showed up at my office today! It was a barbershop quartet and they came bearing flowers and singing cheesy love songs. It was such a nice way to start off the morning and took me completely by surprise. My sweet husband was so thoughtful to think of a surprise like this. It was really fun to have something like this happen in the office because all of my coworkers were gathered around laughing and clapping. It just put a whole different vibe into the office and made it a little easier to smile. I am just so blessed to have a husband who does such wonderful and romantic things for me. I am sure that our Valentine's Day Celebration is going to be amazing. We are taking Friday off from work to hang out and spend all day together. We have a couples massage set up and a few fun plans in the works. It should be a perfect long weekend and I am really looking forward to it.


  1. A massage sounds nice, know of any good reasonable places to get one ?

  2. We went to Kneading Therapy for our massages and they did a decent job. The best massage I have had in Richmond was by a lady named Lori Street who works with Endorphin Fitness. I highly recommend her if you want a great massage.