February 27, 2009

February's Final Friday!

Can you believe that we are already at the end of February? I know that it makes me sound old to say this but this year is just flying by. Before I know it, race season will start up again and then the year really starts to fly by. The race schedule for this year is a little bit scaled back so that our bodies can have a rest before we attempt Ironman again next year but it is still pretty packed. I am excited to be able to focus on a few new races this year and to also see how my body handles shorter distances. It should be an amazing race season. This is what we have on tap so far:

New Years 10K - completed
DC National Marathon - March 21
Monument 10K - March 28
Natianal Duathlon - April 25 (undecided)
Cap 2 Cap Century - May 9
James River Scramble - May 16
Carytown 10K - May 17
XTerra XDuro 21K - June 13
I Heart the Tavern Tri - June 28
Charlottesville Olympic Tri - July 26
Patriots Half Ironman - September 12
Maymont Half Marathon - September 26
Scholarship 30K - October 4
Baltimore Marathon - October 10 (undecided)
Richmond Marathon - November 14 (undecided)
Turkey Trot 10K - November 26
Vegas Marathon - December 6

There are a few other races that we are still trying to decide on but for now this is our tentative plan. It should be a lot of fun and also leave us with some time to relax a little bit this summer.
We are also volunteering at Ironman Florida this year which should be a really fun trip. I am looking forward to being in that atmosphere again and doing a little bit of training on the course.
I love race season and racing and well, just feeling alive! It is going to be a good year even if it does fly by.
Today so far has been sort of uneventful with the exception of Coffee Club this morning which was wonderful as usual. My sister and I had the best time chatting and sipping on coffee. Plus, she brought me a Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar. I have been craving one of those bars ever since the whole salmonella scare. I guess they are starting to produce them again which is awesome. I love those things!
I did a short workout in preparation for my long run tomorrow. It was mostly weights, core work, stretching, physical therapy exercises and some very light cardio. I spent some time on the elliptical this morning which is just not like me at all. I hate elliptical and I confirmed that hatred this morning. I have been trying to mix up my cardio a little bit in the morning because I am getting tired of running on the treadmill constantly. It will be wonderful when I can start running outside again. Where is spring and why is it taking forever to get here?
I am excited about this weekend and all of the fun adventures we have planned. Hopefully I will be able to find some time to nap in the midst of all of the adventures because it has been a long and exhausting week. Aren't naps just wonderful?

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