February 24, 2009

Holy Enchilada!

Last night for dinner I tried a new recipe for enchiladas and they were out of this world amazing. My sister gave me the recipe a couple of weeks ago and I have been anxiously waiting for an evening when I had the time to make them. The recipe was fairly simple but it does have quite a few steps and so I wanted to make sure that I had plenty of time to prep and assemble and bake everything. The main thing that really stuck out about these enchiladas was the delicious green chili sauce. I have never made green chili sauce before and it really kicked up the flavor. The filling was a delicious mixture of black beans, sweet potatoes, lime juice/zest and various spices. I am especially happy today because this recipe made so many enchiladas that I get to have leftovers for lunch and everyone knows that the leftovers are the best part!

(I may post the recipe in the near future but first I need to check on the whole copyright thing.)


  1. This is the BEST enchilada in the world i would put it on the food network challenge show any day of the week i would like to watch that show also... just dreamin thankz for all ur time to the blog i luv the post

  2. Well thank you for that vote of confidence. Wouldn't it be fun to be on the Food Network? I think that I should have been a tv chef. Well, either that or an elite triathlete! A girl can dream right!