February 20, 2009

I Am Not A Banana So Stop Trying To Make Me Do The Splits

So, I went to yoga last night and was very excited about a nice relaxing stretch before bed. It had been a long day at work and I was ready to do some sun salutations, relax in savasana for a few minutes and then get home to my hubby. Well, little did I know that my normally calm and laid back yoga teacher had it in for me last night. We were cruising along through the poses and my sore little hamstrings had started to loosen up from my run when all of a sudden we head into pigeon pose. Now, pigeon is definitely one of my favorite poses and I love to practice it. However, this teacher NEVER pulls out poses like pigeon. I am hooked on his class because of how gentle and calming it is after a long day. So, as I am laying there in pigeon, my wonderful teacher begins to talk about how he is getting our hips ready for something fun. This is when I knew I was in trouble! Well to make a long story short, we attempted to do the splits and well, unfortunately my hips do not like the splits. It was slightly comical how bad I was at the splits. I was starting to get a little bit frustrated with the whole thing because it definitely looked like I had the worst split in the entire class. (Oh, come on...you know you look around yoga class and compare yourself to everyone else too.) Then I realized that I am never going to be a gymnast, a stripper or a banana so really, who cares if I can do the splits or not?! I will keep trying to get better at them when we attempt them in class but the splits are not going to make or break me. Besides, I still have a mean pigeon pose...so there! : )

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