February 2, 2009

Monday Schmonday

It is always so hard to return to work after a fun weekend. I had such a great time hanging out with my husband this weekend and just relaxing. We had a few fun adventures with friends and some great runs but overall it was a nice quiet weekend to reconnect and catch up with each other. I have not been married very long (only about four and a half years) but from what I know of marriage, I have decided that it requires a lot of work, compromise and patience if you want to maintain the lovey dovey feelings that you had in the beginning. My husband is one of the most adorable, loving and sexy men in the world but it is true when they say that the little quirks you find cute before marriage, start to rub you the wrong way after you have been married a while. I have always known that marriage would be amazing and fun but I now realize that it is also a daily decision to put my selfish desires aside and choose to embrace my husband...in spite of all of his quirks. And trust me, he has a lot of them! : )

I had tons of delicious food this weekend because I have been a bottomless pitt. I guess all all of these long runs are kicking my metabolism into high gear. The best of the food though was the mint chip coconut milk ice cream that I had for lunch yesterday. Yep, that's right, I had ice cream for lunch and it was awesome. I love the new Soy Delicious coconut milk ice cream line. It is by far the best ice cream I have EVER had. Oh man, I wish I had some right now!

Work has been a little bit stressful the last few days and although I am thankful for my job, there is definitely a part of me that wishes I could quit and just run all the time. Oh man, that would be the life!!

I had a great workout this morning. I did a little bit of cross training in preparation for speed work tomorrow. I also did a pretty tough upper body weight workout, some core work and a fun plyometrics session with my sister. I feel pretty good but I am daydreaming about yoga so I may try to squeeze that in this evening.

I am very sad that the groundhog saw his shadow this morning. I was really hoping for an early spring. I have decided though that it is not going to be that bad because now I have six more weeks to wear all of my adorable coats and sweaters and scarves. Yay for adorable winter clothes!

Now if we can just make it to Friday with a smile on our faces!

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