February 12, 2009

T Stands For Tempo

Well, the best thing I can say about my tempo run this morning is that it is over! Today was one of those mornings when I literally had to talk myself into starting my run. I was bargaining with myself the whole way to the gym. I convinced myself to do the warm up and start on the first mile and then I gave myself permission to quit after that. Of course by the time I finished the first mile I felt better and was able to complete the entire workout. It was a tough 60 minute run but at least it is finished now. My Ipod died about 40 minutes into the run which made the last couple of miles really tough. I was trying to think about anything and everything to distract myself during the last 20 minutes. After the run, I did a quick upper body weight workout and a pretty hardcore leg workout. I completed all of my physical therapy exercises as well and even had time for a few sun salutations and some stretching.

I made some Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins last night and they turned out perfect...even if I do say so myself. My sister loves this flavor and she needed a little Thursday morning treat so I made a quick batch for her.

Breakfast this morning was an Odwalla Super Protein bar, half a mango and my favorite edamame and raisin combination with tons of coffee. It was absolutely delicious but I was starving just a couple of hours later. I snacked on a few baby carrots and half a cucumber to hold me over until lunch and then had a delicious and filling lunch. I made some quinoa, baby peas, a few slices of beets and an apple. It was a strange but tasty lunch.

I have a big evening of grocery shopping ahead of me and probably an exciting dinner of cereal to look forward to. It will be worth it though to have a stocked up kitchen and a happy belly.


  1. Cereal rocks! What kind do you eat ?

  2. I am a cereal addict and I eat so many different kinds. I love to mix cereals together. Lately I have been eating a cereal called Shredded Spoonfuls mixed with Spelt Flakes and Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin cereal. I also really like Peanut Butter Bumpers, Grape Nuts and Vanilla Granola. Yum Yum!