February 19, 2009

Tour De California

So I am not sure if there are any other cycling fans out there but the hubby and I have been fascinated by this years Tour De California. We are hardcore Team Astana fans and so far our team is dominating the race. Levi is in first and my boy Lance is in fourth. Watching them ride through the mountains of California makes me want to get on my bike and ride. Of course, I would not want to be anywhere near the peloton because that just looks terrifying. One wrong move or tap of the brakes and there is bound to be a horrible crash. Yesterday the peloton was sprinting towards the finish line at a pace of 47 mph! On a BIKE!! That is crazy! Riding down the steepest hills in Richmond in the aero position has me topping out around 35 mph and that is scary enough for me. I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like to be traveling at such a speed with bikes surrounding me on every side. Crazy stuff! I should also mention that cyclist's have great bodies and are not half bad to look at. You may want to check it out! Go Astana!

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