February 9, 2009

Where Do I Begin?

I feel as if the day gets away from me before I have a chance to tell you about all of the cool things that happened. Mondays are definitely not my favorite day of the week but this one hasn't been too bad so far. I am looking forward to a nice relaxing evening and hopefully a good night of sleep. I have tough speed work tomorrow morning and so I always go to bed a little bit nervous on Monday night.

My workout this morning was okay but nothing spectacular. I did an easy three mile shake out jog and played on the Stepmill for about 30 minutes. I did a pretty difficult upper body weight workout, some core stuff and all of my physical therapy exercises. I am hoping to get to yoga this evening as long as I get out of work on time. It would feel so nice to stretch out after being stuck at this desk all day.

I have had some tasty food today starting with a homemade chocolate peanut butter protein bar. It was such a treat with a hot cup of coffee this morning. I also had some spicy chipotle hummus today with a huge salad and some whole grain crackers. It was a remarkable lunch that I should have taken a picture of but I am still not in the habit of taking pictures every day. I need to work on that because you would be drooling on your computer if you could have seen this delicious looking salad. I think we are going to have french toast for dinner tonight because H has been asking for french toast for weeks now. I am more of a pancake girl but I think I can compromise on this one! : )

This is sort of a random question but when you make breakfast food for dinner, do you usually have a vegetable along with it? We always have tons of veggies with dinner and so tonight we will probably end up having french toast and some random vegetable like broccoli. Now, I know that this combination sounds gross but I just don't feel right about not having veggies for dinner. What do you think?


  1. I love hearing about your different meals and treats, do you think you will post any recipes ? Awesome blog!

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragment! I am planning on posting some recipes very soon. Blogging is pretty new to me and I am still trying to get in the groove so to speak. Thanks for reading and commenting. I really appreciate your interest.