February 26, 2009

Who's Your Tempo Running Daddy?

Oh yeah! I finished a very tough tempo run this morning and I am extremely proud of myself. I am definitely feeling it in my hip right now but it was totally worth it! Today was an 85 minute tempo run and I was able to finish 11.50 miles. It was mentally tough to stay focused for that long but it was also a nice way to relieve some of the stress from this week. After the run I did a quick leg workout and then finished with some stretching. Well, I am not really sure I should call it stretching because it was mostly just laying on the floor with my legs on the wall but it made me feel so much better. I am planning on some power yoga this evening to stretch the rest of this tightness out of my legs. I am so happy to have this run out of the way. I only have one more really hard tempo run before the marathon and that is a great feeling. I just have to stay focused and let me legs do what they love to do!

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