February 25, 2009

Working It Out On Wednesday

Good morning blog land! I am trying to be positive about it but is it really only Wednesday? Sheesh! This week is kicking my butt!

I had a tough workout this morning because my body is just worn out. My hamstrings are super tight from yesterday's speed work but I was able to work a lot of the tightness out at yoga this morning. There were a few pathetic looking forward bends though before my legs decided to cooperate! Yoga was actually pretty challenging this morning with a lot of power poses. We spent a lot of time working on upper body strength which was challenging after all of the push ups I did before class. I am used to having a nice gentle yoga class on Wednesday mornings and so literally, right before I walked into class I did 100 push ups and a quick core workout. Aye yi yi! All of those plank positions were making my arms burn and complain. It was a fun class!

I also did a quick and easy 6 mile run this morning to loosen up my legs a bit. They definitely are not happy with me right now but I am planning on doing some more yoga this evening so that they will be ready to do a tempo run tomorrow morning. If the yoga doesn't help then I may just put bio freeze all over my legs, cross my fingers and hope for the best. I am so happy that there are only a few more hard weeks of running before the race. I can hang in there for a little while longer!


  1. Where can you purchase biofreeze ?

  2. Bio Freeze is available online. I have purchased it at race expos, physical therapy offices and spas but it is definitely easiest to get online. I love Bio Freeze and really think it has made a difference in how my legs recover. Think of it as an ice bath in a tube. : )

  3. I have bio freeze in the back of my head most mornings,afternoons whenever those muscles start to ache a bit....... its a little slice of heaven...

  4. Bio Freeze Heaven...now that sounds like a nice place to be!