March 3, 2009

Back To The Grind

Well, I suppose all good things must come to an end. Snow days are over as far as my boss is concerned and so it was back to work for me this morning. My day didn't start off too well but I am trying to stay positive about the way the rest of it is going to go. I woke up early this morning and got ready for my workout. After spending ten minutes trying to get all of the ice off of my windows, while slipping on the snow and ice, I finally pulled out on the road towards the gym. I pulled into the parking lot at 3:40, which was about ten minutes later than I was planning on but I was just happy to have arrived safely. After parking my car, I realized that the gym was dark and I was the only car around. There was a sign posted on the door that the gym would not be opening until 5:00 and I almost cried right there in the parking lot. I turned around and drove home to get a few more minutes of sleep. As soon as I got home I crawled into bed and snuggled up next to my sexy man but I just couldn't get back to sleep. I just laid there in my bed and tried to figure out how I was going to fit all of my speed work into a two hour time frame. At 4:45 I got out of bed and drove back to the gym. I rushed inside and started on my speed work but it was absolutely impossible to fit all of my intervals in. I gave it a good solid effort but I am going to have some make up work to do later in the week. Right at 7:00 I jumped off the treadmill and rushed to get ready for work. After a quick and slippery stop at Starbucks I drove to work and rushed inside to clock in on time. As soon as I walked in the door, I knew something was wrong. Apparently our office was on a three hour delay and I was the only person in the building. UGH! Do you ever have days like this where everything just seems to go wrong? I have been trying to smile through the rest of my day and I am slowly working through the stacks of work on my desk but sheesh! I sort of wish I was snowed in again! At least it isn't Monday right?! Hang in there folks! The weekend is coming!


  1. Glad to have that day over awesome u went back 2 the gym u r a trooper

  2. I think I was motivated by frustration more than anything but at least I was able to get a workout in!