March 9, 2009

A Beautiful Weekend Recap

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend here in Richmond and it gave me hope that winter will eventually end! It was almost strange to be able to wear shorts and tank tops. I even enjoyed sweating on my run which was a nice change from trying to keep my fingers from going numb. The only thing I didn't enjoy this weekend was the time change thing. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that the sun stays up a little longer now but missing out on an entire hour of the weekend is just sad. I strongly believe that they should do the time change thing in the middle of the work day. Wouldn't that be amazing?! Who is with me on this one?
Saturday: The day started off with a long run as usual. I had 16 miles on the schedule today and it was a fabulous run. I ran with so many different people today that it really broke up the run and made it feel like the miles flew by. I ran the first 9 miles with my sexy man, my friend Crystal and Billy (the awesome brother-in-law). Then, we stopped and re hydrated and I ran about three more with Billy and Mel. At this point in the run, Billy was starting to have some knee pain and because our race is only a couple of weeks away we decided it would be best for him to not push it at this point. So, in the end it was Mel and I. We finished the last four miles together and had a blast. I absolutely love running with my sister because we have the best chats. I actually feel that way about pretty much all of my running friends. There is just something about a run that makes the conversation flow. I ended up with a little more than 16 miles and my legs felt great. I am sure the weather had something to do with the way I felt after the run because I love to run in hot weather. It makes me feel alive. After the run, my sexy man and I went to Ellwood Thompson's (my favorite little health food store) and refueled with some ice cream. It was so much fun to sit outside and eat ice cream and spend time with the hubby. I love moments like that when everything just feels happy and right with the world. After our ice cream feast, we went home to shower and both fell asleep for about an hour. I guess the sun drained a lot of our energy or else the week and all of its activity finally caught up to us. It was so nice to nap. When we finally pulled ourselves together, I went out to get my hair cut and then met Mel for some sister time. We walked through Carytown and wandered through shops just chatting and enjoying the day. It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon and I know the long walk helped my legs get rid of any lactic acid that had built up from earlier. Around 6:30 we went back to the Lane house and made a taco salad feast that was fit for a king.

We made fresh tortilla chips and then piled on a variety of toppings. It was absolutely delicious and so filling. The toppings included; black beans, hummus, fresh baby spinach, tomatoes, avocado, cheese, vegan sour cream and two kinds of salsa. Man, I wish I had more of it right now. All I really have left to say about Saturday is that it would be hard to top such a fun and relaxing day but let me tell you about
Sunday: Now, besides losing an hour of sleep and a minor bike accident, this was a great day! It started off with an amazing bike ride with my sexy man. I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun it was to ride my bike again. I had so much fun chasing after my husband and getting used to riding again. We had a great ride for about 90 minutes and then my sexy man had a minor accident. There is a lot of sand and debris on the road from last weeks snow storm and unfortunately, the hubby hit a slick spot and went crashing down. There was quite a bit of blood from the road rash and he is pretty bruised up but he handled it like a champ. Thankfully his bike is fine and he wasn't hit by a car which was a very real possibility on the road we were riding on. We rode for a little while longer after the wreck and then went home to have some lunch.

After a quick lunch of leftovers, (I had taco salad again) I left to meet my sister at the pool for a swim. We did a fast hour of swimming and then went to Whole Foods for a snack. We were both craving fruit and so we bought a mini watermelon and split it. It was SO good! I am sure that part of the reason the watermelon was so delicious is because swimming makes me really hungry but man, it really was nice to have watermelon again. It has been a long winter without it. I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at Barnes and Noble with my sexy man and getting things ready for the work week. I was able to work pretty fast and so the hubby and I had time to squeeze in a moonlight walk before Desperate Housewives came on. I love walking with my sexy man because he is just so much fun to hang out with. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend.
I guess its back to the grind now! (Sigh!)

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  1. THAT man of yours must be tough that looks like a terrible wreck, did he get back up & ride CAN WE SAY HARDCORE ...i think so both of you are insane....... thats what we need inthis country athletes that gewt back upo & ride