March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I just love holidays like St. Patrick's Day. There is no work or preparation involved in celebrating the holiday. I love to just pick out a green outfit, maybe pinch a couple of people and eat or drink something green. I am wearing a green sweater today and a gorgeous green ring for added luck. I wish that I would have planned a fun Irish meal for the evening but I completely forgot about it. We are having tuna steak tonight for dinner and so I really can't complain because that is one of my all time favorite meals.
My workout today was a tapered speed work session. I ran 9 miles with ten short intervals thrown in. It was a good solid run. My legs feel strong and ready to race. I had a ton of time left at the gym this morning because my run went by super fast. I have trouble during taper weeks because I am used to working out for 3-4 hours in the morning and so with a shortened workout, I usually find myself with lots of extra time. I have been trying to sleep in a little bit later but I am so used to waking up early and it is a hard habit to break. Tapering is always really hard on me mentally and this is just another aspect of it. I did about an hour of core, push ups, yoga and stretching. I am not going to lie, I was watching the clock the entire time because I was bored and I wanted to run. When the clock hit 7:00 and signaled the end of my workout, I literally let out a cheer. Ha ha! Yep, I really am a dork like that!

For breakfast this morning I had another one of my delicious Monkey Bars. I love those things. I also made myself a fruit salad with some banana and pineapple. It was absolutely delicious and perfect after a run. Of course I had a bunch of coffee and water as well and my vitamins.

Mid Morning Snack
Around 10:30 I had some cucumbers and carrots to hold me over until lunch time.

I didn't mean to pack a green lunch but when I took a picture of it I realized that it was very green. I brought a granny smith apple and some quinoa and peas for lunch today. It was an absolutely delicious lunch and filled me right up.
Afternoon Snack
My wonderful sister gave me a packet of Barbara's Bakery Animal Crackers for a snack this afternoon. I had them with a cup of coffee and it was a perfect afternoon pick me up. These little cookies are such a treat for an afternoon snack.
My sexy man and I are both getting off work at a decent hour this evening and I am looking forward to a relaxing evening. I am hoping that the sun will come out so that I can go for a little walk. I love to shake off the work day with an evening walk. I guess it is up to Mother Nature at this point though. After 5 days of rain I am starting to get a little pissed off at her! : )

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