March 9, 2009

It Sure Is Monday

I am definitely feeling a case of the Mondays today but I am sure it is only because the weekend was so much fun. I woke up bright and early and headed to the gym for a typical Monday workout. My workout was fun and pretty easy today. I did 90 minutes of cross training and then went over to the weight room to play with the boys. I did about an hour of weights and core stuff and then finished up with the same old physical therapy exercises that I have been doing for months now. They seem to be helping a little bit but they are just so boring.

My eats today have been fabulous. I am really feeling super lazy today and so I am just going to give you the quick run down of my food. I don't have any pictures of any it. I know I am a blog slacker but I am going to try and do better tomorrow. Here is the run down that I have so far...
Pre Work Out - 1/2 Luna bar and 12 oz. water
Work Out - 80 oz. water
Breakfast - Cranberry Orange Protein Bar, 1/4 cup trail mix, fruit salad and coffee
Mid Morning Snack - Veggies w/ hummus and a few Mary's Gone Crackers Sticks and Twigs (these things are SO good!!)
Lunch - Quinoa, steamed veggies and an apple
Afternoon Snack - Apple Noni Think Fruit bar and 1/2 cup of coffee

That is everything so far and my tummy is happy and full. I have a great dinner planned with the hubby tonight and he just called and asked if we could go on another moonlight walk tonight. Of course my answer to that is always yes! It should be a wonderful evening. Now, if I could only focus on my work...story of my life! Hang in there bloggies!

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