March 19, 2009

Spirit Of The Marathon

My birthday is tomorrow and my awesome friends Crystal and Preston gave me a copy of the movie Spirit of the Marathon which is a perfect gift. This movie is out of this world amazing and had me in tears, laughing and itching to run. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in running. My favorite runner of all time, Deena Kastor, is featured in the movie which is awesome. She is such an inspiration to me. This gift couldn't have come at a better time because with the National Marathon just a couple of days away, I needed a reminder of why I fell in love with this crazy sport. (Thank you SO much Crystal and Preston! You guys are the best! Good luck with your ten miles this weekend are going to rock it!)
I am heading out of town for the big race and some birthday fun but I will be back to regular blogging next week. Have a wonderful weekend and cross your fingers for me!

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you liked the movie!! I can't wait until one day I will be able to complete a Marathon..You guys are a great INSPIRATION to me!