March 5, 2009

The Sun Is Shining And I am Feeling Super

Good morning blog land! So, I am happy to report that the sun is starting to melt some of the snow and the forecast for this weekend could have us hitting 80 degrees! I am super excited because that means I can pull my bike out and go for a ride! I have missed my bike so much this winter.

Thank you very much for the suggestions regarding the content of the blog. I will definitely work on incorporating more workout and food information into my posts. Please continue to comment and let me know what you think.

Moving workout this morning was fabulous. When my alarm clock went off I definitely was wishing that I could roll over and go back to sleep but I crawled out of bed and went through the normal morning routine. Before I realized what was happening, I was already on the treadmill and feeling good. Its funny how that happens. After a quick warm up jog I did the intervals that I was unable to finish on Tuesday and threw in a few extra just for fun. I did 8x800's and 2x400s with 400m recovery jogs between each set. I finished up with a cool down mile and moved on to weights. I did 20 minutes of upper body weights and 20 minute of lower body weights plus all of my physical therapy exercises. My muscles are sore but feel pretty good overall. For some reason my workout gloves decided to crap out on me today and I have a few blisters from the pull ups I did. My gloves were a Christmas gift so they shouldn't be worn out already but maybe I have been harder on them than I realized. Anyway, after I finished with the weights I did a little bit of stretching with my awesome sister while we tried to figure out what was going on with Lost. That show is just crazy and frustrates me but for some reason I keep watching it.

I am going to try and post a bit more of my food intake but I am not in the habit of recording everything I eat in a day or taking pictures of most of it. I am going to work on that though so here is my first feeble attempt...

Pre Workout: I ate half of a Toasted Nuts and Cranberry Luna Bar and drank about 12oz. of water. (This is what I have every morning before my workout because it works for me.)

Post Workout: I had 24oz. of sports drink and an additional 24oz. of water plus two graham crackers that my sister gave me.

Breakfast: I ate a huge breakfast as soon as I got to work because my stomach was growling. I had a Monkey Bar, a peach and about 1/4 cup of trail mix plus tons of coffee and another 12oz. of water.

That is all of the food stuff so far besides my vitamins, calcium and zinc. I will try to take pictures of the rest of my day but I am not promising anything because sometimes I am way too hungry to stop and take pictures. I guess we will see what happens. Later!


  1. Girl you are a machine I am amazed @ how you find the motivation i am a fan Deana Kastor & StacyLane are my fav. women Athletes well I used to dig Desarie Flicker till she DNF"d @ so many races cayse she wasn't going to place. But shout outs to Miss Chrissie Wellington IM champ 2x Shes gonna catch the guys one year its bound to happen. HAPPY TRAILS

  2. I have a feeling that this comment was left by my sexy man because everyone who knows him well knows that he is obsessed with Chrissie Wellington. I can't say that I blame him though because she is absolutely amazing and one of my heroes. She will definitely catch the guys before it is all over! (Love you honey!)