March 4, 2009

Three Delicious Ways To Avoid Getting Sick

For some reason it seems that everyone around me is getting sick lately. Between the stomach flu, sinus colds, allergies and the winter blahs, I feel lucky to still be standing upright. My precious hubby and I often talk about the difference healthy eating has made in our lives with regard to our immune systems. I have been sick one time in the past eight years. (Knock on wood, right!) Unfortunately, I was hit with the stomach flu but even that was gone in about 24 hours and I know it is because of the way I eat and take care of my body. Exercise has been proven to boost the immune system but there are also specific foods that help us to fight off illness. While I was reading over the weekend I came across a list of immune boosting foods. Three of my favorites are:

Apples - Yes, it is true! An apple a day does indeed keep the doctor away. I am absolutely obsessed with apples and eat at least one a day. I think that they are one of the most perfect foods ever created. One cool thing about apples is that they contain quercetin which is a chemical that helps to fight of viruses and inflammation. A study done by the University of South Carolina found that quercetin helps the body to maintain its natural ability to fight the flu. This chemical is also found in broccoli, red onions and berries but I personally think you should go for the apple!

Yogurt - As I have mentioned before, I eat yogurt on a daily basis for its calcium benefits but according to a study from the University of Vienna, the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can help to activate your immune system. Apparently it gets the immune cells working which helps you fight off illness. How cool is that?

Tea - I am not a huge tea fan but really, you cannot argue with the antioxidants found in tea. The white and green varieties are your best bet due to the high amount of polyphenols they contain. I am trying to become a tea drinker for the health benefits but I wish it tasted like a fresh hot cup of Starbucks coffee!

So go have a delicious snack of apples, yogurt and tea. Your body will thank you!


  1. Coming from her husband she would eat apples ALL day long if she could When i first ment her i thought she was gonna turn into an apple But i cant complain they are a wonderful food & she is well ...wonderful

  2. Thanks for putting me out there like that babe! : ) Love you!