March 16, 2009

Where Did The Weekend Go?

I absolutely cannot believe that it is already Monday again. I have no idea where the weekend went but I did get a lot of sleep this weekend. I can safely say that Project nap has been a smashing success so far. I had a wonderful and relaxing weekend but I really didn't do a whole lot. I spent a lot of time hanging out with my sexy man which was wonderful. I napped a lot, I read, I watched TV, I ran, I swam, I stretched, I ate, I slept some more and I just enjoyed my taper weekend. We had really nasty, gloomy weather all weekend that made it perfect for laying around the house and relaxing. I miss the warm and sunny weather from last week but I know that my body needed a break this weekend and a chance to rest.
I am excited about this week and the upcoming race. I have to make it through the work week and then the adventure begins. I know that we are going to have a blast running the race and playing in DC. It should be a fun and memorable birthday weekend.
Because I am in full blown taper this week, I slept in until 4:15 and did a super light workout at the gym. I did about 90 minutes of cross training and then 45 minutes of core, stretching and physical therapy stuff. It was hard to not push hard during the workout because I am used to giving it my all. I am really trying to be smart about this taper but it is HARD.

Breakfast this morning was an infamous Monkey Bar and an apple. I also had a lot of coffee but I could have easily had another cup or two. I am probably going to have pretty boring meals to talk about this week because I am trying to keep my menu pretty bland and carb filled. Of course as soon as the race is over, I will be eating weird stuff again so I can handle one week of bland, boring and repetitive food.

Lunch today is quinoa and veggies with an orange. I am looking forward to it because I am turning into a huge quinoa freak. My sweet hubby asked me if we could eat quinoa every night for dinner and I have to admit that it sounds sort of good right now. Think about how easy grocery shopping and meal planning would be! Oh man! That would save me hours of time. Too bad we would both probably hate quinoa after about 4 -5 days of it.
I have a huge to do list to get too and a Monday to deal with. Ugh! Is it too early to start the countdown to next weekend?

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