March 30, 2009

Working The Day Away

Whew! What a busy day this has been. I have a lot of stuff to finish up this evening but overall it hasn't been bad for a Monday. Plus, we are one day closer to the weekend! Yay!

Lunch today was something that I eat quite often. I had a mixture of peas, peppers and quinoa with some BBQ sauce on top. It was absolutely delicious. I also had an apple with my lunch and two huge glasses of water. I have been drinking water like crazy for the past week and a half because I let myself get too dehydrated at the marathon. I was so sick after that race and my body is still trying to heal from it all. I really need to learn my lesson and pay more attention to my nutrition and hydration needs. Anyway, lunch was delicious and very filling.
I had a great coffee break this afternoon and also had my afternoon yogurt snack. Both really hit the spot. My fabulous sister made me a cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing that has been tempting me all day but I am trying to resist it so that the hubby and I can share it for dessert tonight. He is always so excited when I bring home treats and I love to make him smile. He has such a great smile!
On the agenda tonight is nothing too exciting. I have a lot of stuff to do at home and about an hour of working out to finish. I am hoping to get everything finished and take a romantic evening walk with my sexy man. Cross your fingers for me that I get everything finished!

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