March 10, 2009

You Can Call Me Speedy Stacy

Whew! Well, the last really tough speed workout before the marathon is finished. I have one hard tempo run and a short speed session to still finish but everything else is going to be nice and easy. I was so happy to have this workout out of the way though. After an extra early wake up call, I went to the gym and busted out 12 x 800 meters and 6 x 1000 meters with 400 meter recovery between each set and a warm up and cool down as well. I ended up with about 16 miles and decided to call it a day when I realized my lips had cracked open and were bleeding all over my chin. It was not attractive at all. I guess my lips were chapped or else I was a little bit dehydrated. It was probably a combination of both though. I did some stretching and tried to work the pain out of my hip but to be completely honest, I have sort of given up on that ever happening. I think my hip is just going to make me miserable for the rest of my life! I also have a huge blister on my toe from my new shoes but overall the shoes are doing pretty good. I know it sounds like this was a miserable run but I actually really enjoyed it. I had a great Ipod mix going and felt strong and happy the entire time. I have had speed work sessions in the past where I literally sat down on the end of the treadmill and cried like a baby. Any workout without tears is considered a good one!

Breakfast this morning was sort of boring and I know that I promised you pictures of my breakfast but I was hungry and completely forgot. You have seen everything that I ate before though so close your eyes and visualize with me. Well, actually, don't close your eyes because I need you to keep reading. I had a banana immediately following my workout and then about an hour later I had a protein bar, an apple and some trail mix with lots of coffee and water. I am a boring breakfast eater and I tend to eat the same thing over and over so you really are not missing anything. Really!

For lunch today I am having leftover Tuna Putanesca which I am hoping will be better than it was last night. If not then I may have to break into my emergency stash at work and eat a Luna bar for lunch. I also brought a HUGE orange to have with lunch and I am so excited about it. I have been craving oranges lately and I know this one will hit the spot.

I am not really sure what else is planned for the day besides more work but my neighbor brought over some beautiful flowers for me and the hubby. He picked them on his morning walk and put them in a vase for us. People like that just make the world seem like a better place. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Those flowers look so pretty they smell good? nothing like the smell of flowers