April 20, 2009

Good Monday Morning To You!

Okay, so I will be the first to admit that I am not normally a Monday lover but today is a great day because today is Boston Marathon Day! I am very excited about watching the race (via computer) and I am pulling for Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher. I really wish that Deena Kastor was running because she is my all time favorite runner but I suppose cheering for Kara will have to do this year. Boston is such an amazing race to watch and one I am determined to run eventually. I have qualified for Boston quite a few times but it has never worked out for me to run it. I also have to admit that I would secretly like to qualify at the men's time versus the woman's time. There is no big reason for me to have this goal other than the fact that I would like to prove I can run just as fast as the guys. So, I will be watching Boston this year, rooting for Ryan and Kara and wishing that I was there to enjoy the marathon madness.

I had a wonderful weekend and the weather was absolutely beautiful. On Saturday I went running at Pocahontas State Park with H, Mel and Billy. We ran 12 fast and hilly miles and I had a blast. I actually felt great on the run and realized that my legs are finally starting to recover. Pocahontas State Park is a beautiful place to run but is quite challenging. We ran on trails for most of the run and then finished on the road for the last few miles so that we could pick up the pace a little bit. After the run, I refueled with a strawberry, pineapple and banana smoothie. It was the best tasting smoothie ever because I was hot, tired and thirsty. I was drinking it so fast that I gave myself a brain freeze and had to force myself to slow down. Sheesh!

We spent the day at the X Chili Cook Off which is a local event featuring chili, beer and rock music. I am not a big fan of chili, beer or rock music so this was not really my type of event but it was fun to walk around and people watch. Mel and a friend of hers (Karen) came with us and although none of us were all about the event, it was fun to hang out together. It was very warm here on Saturday and so it didn't take too long for me to get hot, sweaty and hungry. After a couple of hours we went to Ellwood Thompson's for their grand reopening to see if we could score some free stuff and to find something to eat. Ellwood's is probably my favorite natural food store in Richmond and they have just finished some major renovations. We tried a bunch of samples and I made a huge salad from their salad bar. It was exactly what I was craving after being in the hot sun all day. I was actually supposed to share some of the salad with my sexy man but I ate it all before I remembered that we were supposed to be sharing. Oops!

Sunday was another beautiful day here in Richmond and I spent most of the day on my bike and running. I have been implementing more brick workouts into my training schedule in order to get ready for tri season and I have slowly noticed some improvement. I honestly still feel like a newbie when it comes to triathlons and i am really not sure why. You would think that after I crossed the finish line at Ironman I would finally feel like a real triathlete but I still find myself feeling like an impostor sometimes. I think it is a good thing that I feel this way because it forces me to push myself harder when I train instead of falling back on past accomplishments. Anyway, after a wonderful bike ride and a fast run, I ate a quick lunch and then spent the afternoon running errands with my hubby. After all of our errands were finished we went to Barnes and Noble and spent some time sipping coffee, reading magazines and just enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon. Most of my evening was spent baking, talking to my Mom on the phone and folding laundry. I did find time to watch Desperate Housewives and had an amazing chocolate protein shake for dessert. I am very sad to see another weekend come to an end but I have high hopes for this week. I think it is going to be a good one!

Today I am thankful for:
-a great workout
-a sunburn free weekend
-hope...it is what gets me through the day
-my brother

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