April 10, 2009

Has Anyone Seen My Mojo?

I am not even going to lie, this week has been tough on me. I seem to have lost my mojo and I have no idea how to get it back. I haven't had a very good week in regard to workouts and in case you haven't noticed, there isn't much food on the blog lately because I seem to have lost my appetite. I am still eating plenty of food but it is all just boring and repetitive. My sexy man seems to think that my body is just trying to recover from all of the over training it has been through and I think he is right. Just to be sure though, I am going to see my doctor today to see what I can do about getting my mojo back. I am all about resting and taking care of my body but I want to do it the right way. I don't have a lot of time to recover either because race season is looming. I really do not want to start racing and still be in pain. Cross your fingers for me that everything will go well at the doctor's office today.

In other news, I am excited about the weekend and spending time with my amazing hubby. I am working on his Easter basket and I think he is going to like it. I can't give you any details about it because he checks into the blog quite often but I will try to remember to take pictures on Easter morning. We have a pretty relaxed schedule this weekend and I have some big plans that involve taking a lot of naps. I know I sound like a 90 year old lady when I say that but sleep is awesome and it makes you beautiful...that's what I hear anyway.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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