April 29, 2009

I Thought I Was Supposed To Feel Better

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you have probably heard me whine about physical therapy by now. To give you a little bit of history, I am not someone who has spent a whole lot of time in hospitals or doctor's offices and so going to a therapist once or twice a week is a whole new experience for me. I very rarely get sick or injured in any way (knock on wood) and it is hard for me to realize that my body is not invincible. All of the issues with my hips, hamstrings, back and feet have been very discouraging and at times it seems like I will never feel healthy again. I am blessed though because I have the best doctor in the world looking after me and a therapist who helps me to not hurt quite as much. However, I have a little beef with my physical therapist. I have recently noticed that after my appointments I am VERY sore! I mean, lay on my back and try not to move too much sore. The only thing I can relate the pain to is a very deep sports massage that leaves your muscles and joints achy. After a day or two, the pain usually subsides and I am back to my old self but man oh man, sometimes it is tough. As a result of all of this therapy, I have had to scale back my workouts a bit over the last week or so. I am still running and riding my bike and swimming and going to yoga and lifting weights and training my core and all of the other stuff I do. However, I have had to reduce my mileage and scale down the intensity of all of my activities. I keep reminding myself that this is a necessary part of my healing and that it will serve to make me stronger but it is definitely a struggle. I hope this is a lesson that I will not forget even when I am finally back to my old self. Live and learn right?

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