April 1, 2009

Oops I Did It Again...

I know I said that I was going to take a break from running but I just couldn't stop my legs from finding their way to the treadmill this morning. I am so disappointed in myself because I have absolutely no willpower when it comes to taking a break from running. I crave running. I think that I need to avoid the gym entirely if I really plan on sticking to this no run thing. Anyway, I did a nice slow and easy 5 miles and then I jogged 400 meters backwards. It was sort of fun to run backwards but a lot of people at the gym were staring at me. Oh well, I like to give them something to talk about in the locker room! I finished up my run and did a few quick push ups and some core work. My legs and hips were not happy with me for running so I hobbled my way over to yoga class in the hope that they would loosen up and not make me miserable all day. Yoga was amazing and we did quite a few new variations of poses that we have been practicing for weeks. We really focused on opening up our shoulders which doesn't help me in my leg situation but I did enjoy the stretch. I snuck out of class while we were in corpse position so that I wouldn't have to wait in line for a shower. I absolutely hate standing in line in my towel and crossing my fingers that there will still be hot water when I get a shower. Oh the joys of gym life. I have been getting ready for work at the gym for almost 6 years now and it is routine for me but there are definitely things I miss about showering at home. I won't gross you out with all kinds of weird stories but lets just say that I have formed a close bond with the ladies in that locker room. I am not really sure how I got off on that tangent but to sum things up, I ran, I shouldn't have, I am paying for it now!

I knew that my day was going to be busy so this morning before I left my house I took a picture of everything I packed in my lunch for the day. My cute little pink lunch box contains:

-homemade protein bar


-trail mix

-carrots and cucumbers


-leftovers from dinner last night



-a peanut goji flavor Think Fruit bar


My sister also brought me an apple pie Larabar which was so nice of her. I have lots of great food to eat today which is great because I have been starving lately. I think my muscles are fighting hard to repair themselves. I have no problem making sure they get fed.

I am excited about cuddling up with my sexy man and watching Lost tonight. I just have a few quick errands to take care of, some muffins to bake and a quick core workout and then it is time for relaxation.

Have a wonderful night!


  1. do a body building show?

  2. Any ideas on supplements & do you take anything w/ your high fitness level?

  3. Thanks for the suggestion regarding body building. I have to admit that while I admire the discipline that body building requires, I am more of a cardio girl. I absolutely love long distance racing and don't see myself giving that up. Plus, I am not sure that I could prance around on a stage in a bikini...that takes a lot of courage!
    As far as supplements go, I currently only take a multi vitamin, zinc, calcium and magnesium. I have been doing a lot of research in regard to supplements though. The hubby and I have been discussing adding fish oil, vitamin D, glucosamine and chondrotin to our routine to see how it helps in regard to our overall health. There are also quite a few athlete specific supplements out there that are supposed to help aid in recovery and I may try one of those as well. If I do branch out with supplements I will definitely do a post about it.