April 8, 2009

Pizza Night

It is slowly becoming a tradition in our home to have multiple pizza nights every week. The hubby and I both love pizza and there are so many great products out there that make it a quick and easy dinner. Our pizza last night was made using Trader Joe's Tandoori Naan as the pizza crust. Naan makes such a great chewy and delicious pizza crust. Plus, the size of the naan makes it perfect for making personal pizzas. We topped the naan with homemade pizza sauce, (the sauce was a combination of tomato sauce, agave, Italian seasoning, garlic and pepper) roasted zucchini, assorted peppers and mozzarella. The pizzas were baked for about 15 minutes and then we proceeded to stuff our faces. They were absolutely delicious. My pictures didn't turn out very well but at least I remembered to take them...that is definite blog progress!

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