April 16, 2009

Stupid Camera!

Ugh!!! Guess what happened? I finally remembered to pull out my camera and take pictures of everything and my stupid camera died on me. I think the battery just died but honestly, that sucks. I am not trying to whine or complain because I know it isn't a huge deal but I was very excited to show you all of the stuff I made last night. (I guess I better make sure the thankful list makes an appearance today because right now I am sounding less than grateful. Oops!)

I did find a couple of funny pictures in my archives that I could show you though. They are from a couple of weeks ago on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We met some friends at Maymont which is a beautiful park in Richmond. The park has all sorts of animals from bears to otters as well as a Japanese garden, an old haunted mansion and miles and miles of beautiful trails. It is a great place to wander around on a lazy afternoon and we spent some time taking funny pictures at the new eagle exhibit.

I had a wonderful run with my sister this morning. We went on an outside run and although it was a chilly 39 degrees, we had a lot of fun running and chatting. We ran a new route this morning that was full of hills and it was quite challenging but fun. We were both happy to be challenged by the hills but even more happy when it was over. It was so much fun to watch the sun rise and hear the birds singing. It really is the perfect way to start the day. After our run, we spent about 30 minutes stretching and doing physical therapy exercises. It felt so good to pamper our legs after all of the hills.

I was able to sweet talk some free coffee out of the baristas at Starbucks this morning which is always a nice treat. I love coffee but I love it even more when it is free! If I could perfect my sweet talking skills I could really save a fortune on coffee!

As soon as I figure out what is wrong with my camera I will be back with some pictures and more exciting info from the mind of Stacy. Until then, I am going to leave you with a few things I am thankful for. Here goes...

I am thankful for:
-the sunshine that finally made an appearance after three days of rain
-the above mentioned free coffee
-my new food processor and all of the fun stuff I have been making with it (Thanks Mathenys!)
-the upcoming race season
-the safety of my husband after a scary experience last night

Bye Bloggies

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