April 9, 2009

Supplements, Avocados and Great Morning Runs

About a week ago, I was asked if I take any supplements to help with recovery from training and my active lifestyle. Since then, the hubby and I have been doing some research and have added quite a few supplements to our normal routine. I was previously taking a multi vitamin called Alive and also a calcium and magnesium supplement. I also take zinc on a daily basis to help fight off colds. Other than that I have always tried to get my nutrients from food. However, I have put my body through so much in the past year and I am just not recovering the way I used to...dare I say, when I was younger?! Oh man, I do not like the way that sounds. Anyway, as of last week I have added three additional supplement to my daily routine. My sexy man and I decided to try these out for six weeks and see if we notice a change in ourselves. If we still feel old and rundown then we are going to stop taking them and just up our caffeine consumption! Ha ha! So, as of right now this is what I am taking on a daily basis:

Alive Multi Vitamin (w/iron)
Cal Mag
Omega 3-6-9
Vitamin D
Glucosamine Chondrotin

I haven't noticed any differences yet but I will definitely keep you guys posted.

Moving on, last night I made it home about thirty minutes before my sexy man and decided to whip him up a special dessert. I have been meaning to try a recipe for Raw Vegan Avocado Mousse for quite some time now and I finally had the time to make it happen. The recipe can be found all over the Internet but I will tell you what I did for my version. I peeled and chopped two VERY ripe avocados and placed them in my food processor. On top of that I added, 1/3 cup of dark chocolate cocoa powder, 1/3 cup agave, 1 Tbs. vanilla extract and a splash of soy milk. I mixed this up in the food processor for quite awhile until it was smooth and creamy and then I put it in its serving dish and topped it with chopped raw walnuts. It was such a rich and creamy dessert. My sexy man absolutely loved it and even experimented with it a little bit by swirling peanut butter into the mix. We are planning on trying this again very soon with a few changes to the flavoring. Definitely try this recipe out though because it is so worth it! Plus, the healthy fats from the avocado are so satisfying and heart healthy.

Finally, this morning marked the beginning of something I am SUPER excited about, my return to outside running during the week. I feel like I have been chained to the treadmill for months and months. This morning, Mel and I met up at the gym, bundled up a bit and went for a wonderful run around the neighborhood. The sun came up while we were running, the birds were chirping, the air felt crisp and clean and we had tons of time to chat. It was the perfect way to start of the morning and definitely put a smile on my face. We have already started planning the next few weeks of outside runs and I can hardly wait.
In addition to my great run, I was able to work out with my super sexy personal trainer husband this morning. We used a fun new type of weight training called the TRX system which is a type of suspension training. It is relatively new in the fitness world but is catching on quickly. We used the suspension system to do all sorts of rows, lunges, squats, core work, push ups, shoulder work and a few really awkward moves that I am sure worked my whole body. It was an absolute blast to work out with my sexy man and I really appreciate him taking the time to explain the TRX system to me. He is such an amazing guy!
I guess I better get to work! Enjoy your Thursday!

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