April 2, 2009

Surprise Surprise!

Just in case there was anyone out there who isn't convinced that I have the best husband ever, let me show you what I came home to tonight!

Last weekend I casually mentioned to my hubby that I needed to go shopping for a new pair of stilettos. My black ones are all stretched out and funky looking and it was time to get some new ones. I wasn't even sure that he was paying attention to me when I was talking but he must have been because, when I walked in the door there was a huge Nordstrom's bag with not one, not two but three pairs of new shoes. Not only did I get bonus shoes but he bought me the exact shoes that I was looking for. Really, I have to tell you he is just about perfect! Anyway, it was a wonderful Wednesday evening surprise and I am still grinning about it!

I did manage to stop trying on my shoes and prancing in front of mirrors long enough to get in a quick core workout and some push ups. I only did about 20 minutes of exercises but it was a strong and tough session. I felt really good after the workout. I love to do a quick little workout in the evening whether it is yoga, a walk, some core stuff or whatever because it energizes me and gives me a way to burn off the stress from my work day. I am always much happier after a little bit of exercise.

Dinner tonight was one of my favorites. We made pizza on top of garlic Naan and it was amazingly delicious as usual. Our pizzas were pretty basic with a little bit of red sauce, peppers and fresh mozzarella. We also had some broccoli on the side which I just realized I forgot to take a picture of. I must have been too excited about the pizza! Dinner was delicious and it was followed by some serious relaxing on the couch. All I need now is a protein shake and Lost!

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  1. That hubby of yours is one of a kind. Was he in that movie HITCH? I love you,, have the best weekends w/ you. You are a real jewel.......