April 1, 2009

Top Secret Recipe

Look what I came home to! My sweet neighbor left fresh flowers on the steps for me. He is a wonderful and sweet old guy. I feel blessed to have nice people living next to me!

Tonight was such a busy but fun night. I was able to sneak out of work a little bit early and get a ton of stuff done. I ran a few errands and then went to get my hair cut. I love getting my hair cut because it is so relaxing after a long day of work. I especially love it when they give you a scalp massage. Oh man, I just love it! After my hair was finished I went home to get started on a top secret recipe. I cannot disclose the recipe until next week because I am using it in a recipe exchange on Friday and I don't want to give it away. I will tell you that it was absolutely delicious and I will be making it again in the near future. Also, I have to let you know that it tastes much better than it looks in the pictures! We had the top secret recipe with a bunch of brussel sprouts and it was a wonderful dinner.
My sexy man and I were both home and done with work by 7:00 and so we decided to do some yoga and go for a walk. We did about an hour of yoga and then walked for 30 minutes. It was so nice to let our bodies unwind after the long day. When we finally made it back home, I changed in my pajamas and read for awhile while the hubby worked on a few new training plans.
After about 30 minutes or so, we were both craving some dessert so of course we had to find something sweet. We made our favorite peanut butter protein shake with lots of extra peanut butter and a banana. Then we crumbled up some graham crackers to garnish the top. It was absolutely delicious! I am still anxiously awaiting the weekend but evenings like this it makes the work week a little more bearable. Good Night!

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