May 15, 2009

Gateway To The Weekend

Well guys, we made it to Friday! I am very excited about this weekend because we have some fun stuff planned. This weekend I will be competing in the James River Challenge and I am very excited about it. The James River Challenge is a two day race event. On Saturday we will run in the James River Scramble which is a crazy trail run. This is one of my favorite races because you have to jump rocks, climb walls, cross the river, run up hills, duck under logs and so much more. It is a wonderful trail run and one that I have been looking forward to since last year. Then on Sunday I will be running the Carytown 10K. Honestly, this is not one of my favorite races. For some reason I have just never done very well at this race and I don't enjoy the course. However, it will be a fast 10K and it will be fun to be out on the course with the other runners. By completing both races this weekend I will qualify for a special medal. I am all about collecting some hardware. I am still trying to think of some great use for all of my medals. Any ideas? Besides the two races, I have a few things planned with my sexy man and I am also planning on catching up on some sleep. I stayed up WAY too late on Wednesday night to watch the season finale of Lost and I have been struggling to catch up on my sleep ever since then. I don't have any pictures to show you guys because I let the battery in my camera die and then I forgot about it. I don't think I have taken any pictures for a couple of days now. I promise to do better this weekend. Food wise, I have been rather boring. The hubby and I have been eating pretty simple meals because we are both just exhausted. We have had a bunch of watermelon and I have had too much coffee. I have had a caffeine headache for three days now and I need to just take a nap and get rid of this headache. I wish that I had time for that today. Please do not follow my example in this area because I have realized that I am a very bad example when it comes to sleep. I have also realized that when I am lacking sleep and feeling stressed, my eating habits become atrocious. I tend to either eat a bunch of junk or else stop eating all together. I honestly want to figure out a way to fit more sleep into my schedule but for some reason I just can't find any extra time. Sigh! What is a girl to do? Alright, I am really starting to just blabber on about nonsense so I am going to go for now but I promise that I will be back to my upbeat and energy filled self as soon as I get some sleep. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Good luck this weekend. I just read your very long 2009 race schedule and I'm impressed. I can't even find that many races!