May 19, 2009

It Is A Wonderful Day!

So, I am not sure what is going on right now but I seem to have hit a pocket of greatness. I don't want to screw up this streak of good luck so I am going to knock on every bit of wood that I can see.

The first really great news is that I have been released from physical therapy!!! I am SO excited! I have been grinning from ear to ear ever since I heard the news. My hip is almost 100% pain free and the therapist and I both think that if I continue to do all of the strengthening exercises and remember to stretch then I should continue to improve. I am going to do everything I can to keep getting better because it is wonderful to not be in pain. After more than 18 months of non stop pain, I can finally walk and run like a normal person. That is a wonderful feeling. I am most excited about being able to increase my training a bit. I am ready to push myself a little bit harder and really push my limits. It is going to be a wonderful race season!

The other really awesome news is that I am married to a very sexy and wonderful man. Okay, well you guys probably already knew that but last night he surprised me with a brand new pair of running shoes. Now, I know most wives would prefer to receive new diamond earrings or a bouquet of roses but honestly I have been drooling over these shoes for a few weeks now. My awesome hubby bought me the new Asics Nimbus 11's and they are just perfect.

I have been running in the Nimbus for years now. They are by far my favorite shoe. I first started wearing them in 2006 and I have literally run through more than 15 pairs of them since then. The last version of the Nimbus (10 series) was a huge disappointment to me because they completely changed everything I loved about the shoe. I still managed to run through two pairs of them but I was never very happy with them. They gave me blisters and made my arches hurt. When I slipped my feet into the Nimbus 11's though, it was like my feet had come home again. I know that sounds silly but honestly, I have been so frustrated with running shoes for the past year and I finally have a pair that make my feet happy again. I cannot even begin to tell you how many hugs and kisses the hubby received for this amazing was a lot! He is such a great guy and I am a spoiled wife!

In other really great news, I found a new electrolyte drink that has been working very well for me. The awesome people at Nuun sent me a few tubes of their product recently and I was able to try them out over the last week. I am very impressed with the way the Nuun tablets dissolve in my water without any shaking or mixing. There was no clumpy mix to deal with and the flavors are awesome. I have especially enjoyed the banana flavor which is a special summer edition.

According to the website "Nuun is:
nuun comes in a tough tube that is water resistant and perfect for carrying in your hand, bike jersey, pack…wherever. 1 tube = 6 litres (~1.5 gallons) – enough for a good ride or a week at the gym. and if you travel, forget trying to find your normal drink or suffering the indignity of bags of powder bursting in your luggage, a couple of tubes in your bags will get there in one piece and get you through the week of training in Colorado or the Pyrenees.
we spent years researching the levels of electrolytes needed for the product to be absorbed the quickest and to provide optimal salt balance to prevent cramping and maximise hydration. an editor of a major triathlon publication used nuun and had “no cramping issues for the first time ever in an ironman”.
designed for the active palate, nuun’s got a light flavour that’s not overwhelming when you’re on the go. if you’ve ever watered down sports drinks because they’re too strong, then you’ve made them less easy to absorb; this ultimately defeats the purpose of using them. some call the nuun taste ‘tart’ and that’s probably the best description we’ve found yet, other than ‘just right’!
a bottle of water, 1 nuun per 500ml (~16oz) … doesn’t matter where you are, how windy it is, how much space you’ve got – drop in nuun and you’re good to go."

As you can see, Nuun has made a very cool product and it is one that I feel good recommending to you. It tastes great, is easy to mix and definitely helps me to recover from tough workouts. You can find Nuun here

Last night for dinner, I was planning on making black bean burritos. I was very excited about the burritos and started digging around in the fridge to see what I could use to make the best burritos ever. Before I realized what had happened, our burritos were piled too high with toppings to actually fold and eat. I guess you can call what we had an open faced burrito...or you could just call it delicious because that is what it was! Piled on top of my tortilla was a dynamite mixture of:

-black beans
-red, yellow, orange and green peppers
-garlic and chili powder
-a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese
-romaine lettuce
-heirloom tomatoes

It was a fabulous and filling dinner. We also had some broccoli on the side so I think we covered our veggies for the day! I love dinners like this because the combinations are endless and can be personalized to your liking. Burritos are definitely a keeper in my book, even if you can't roll them up!
I had a wonderful workout this morning and feel great as a result. My alarm went off super early and I went to the gym and hopped on my treadmill to do a little bit of speed work. I did a quick and fun eight miles of intervals and really challenged myself with the pace. After my run, I did a quick leg workout and about 15 minutes of core work. Then, at 6:00 I met my sister and we went to Boot Camp together. The Boot Camp class wasn't that great this morning but it was fun to spend time with Mel. We spent most of the class doing free weights and running around a parking lot. It was nice to have Mel there with me because at least we could complain about the class to each other...its always nice to share the misery with a friend! Ha ha!
Alright, I think you have hung in there long enough. This post has become entirely too long. I guess I am just feeling long winded today. Have a great one and make sure you give someone a hug today!


  1. I've never ran in Vegas because I always end up getting to sleep super late and by the time I wake up it's too late/hot.

    My friend is actually thinking about running the Vegas marathon. But, if you've never been before make sure you leave time after the race to live it up Vegas style!!!

  2. omg, I have been drooling over those shoes too! I must restrain myself thouhg. I have an obsession and already have 5 pairs of running shoes (1 retired, and 1 is the nimbus 10), and i've only been running for a little over a year. It's a problem. Anyway, I'm super jealous, and like you, would rather get running shoes from my bf than flowers and jewlery. haha

  3. Run Eat Repeat - Thanks for the info on Vegas!
    Trusting - Glad I am not the only crazy woman who loves shoes more than jewelry! : ) I will be crossing my fingers that the bf gets the hint and surprises you with the 11's!