May 23, 2009

Just Checking In

Hi everyone! I only have a few quick moments but I wanted to report that the hubby came through his surgery okay and now I am busy nursing him back to health. I did manage to find time to sneak away for a fun run with Mel and Billy. We did a 12 mile trail run through the James River Park and threw in a few hill intervals just for fun. It was a great but challenging run. I managed to make it back home before the hubby was awake and after some stretching and a good breakfast I am feeling great. I refueled with an english muffin and a HUGE bowl of watermelon. It was the perfect breakfast after a hot run. I am hoping that the hubby will feel better over the next couple of days so that we can enjoy spending some of this holiday weekend together. It is such a beautiful weekend and I hate to miss out on all of the fun holiday stuff. Cross your fingers for us. Hope your weekend is going great. I will be back when I can with pictures, a couple of reviews and some new recipes. Happy Saturday!

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