May 4, 2009

Quick Weekend Recap And Then We Move On

I had an interesting weekend because the weather was so up and down. I had great plans for all sorts of outdoor activities but every time I tried to put them into action the skies would open up and there would be a downpour. The hubby and I spent a lot of time at coffee shops reading and playing on the Internet which sounds like fun but got old pretty quick. I hate to waste my weekend sitting inside and all of the rain just made me frustrated.
I did manage to make it outside for a long run and a pretty tough brick workout.

I ran on Saturday with the wonderful Matheny's and we did just over 14 fast and funky miles. We really mixed up this long run by doing some hill work, a little bit of tempo running, barefoot running and good old LSD running. I had a blast with them and really enjoyed being out in the sunshine.
My brick workout was very interesting because I kept getting rained on. The first rain storm came about 15 miles into my bike ride and I was nowhere close to home. I decided to just keep going and the rain eventually let up. As soon as I started the run portion of my workout though, the rain began to come down again. I actually really enjoyed my run in the rain and added a little bit of distance to my run because I was having so much fun. I was really happy with my bike and run times. I can feel myself getting stronger and it makes me happy.
Next weekend is the my century of the year and I am definitely looking forward to it. The hubby and I are doing Cap 2 Cap which is a 100 mile bike ride from Richmond to Williamsburg and back. We have done this route quite a few times now both during a race and on our own so I know it will be a good time. I am just crossing my fingers and checking the weather constantly because I would really love to have decent weather.
I have to confess that I spent a lot of time sleeping this weekend. I was able to get over 8 hours of sleep both nights plus I took a three hour nap on Saturday. It felt so good to rest and relax. I wish that I could take a nap every single day. Honestly, I would probably be a much nicer person! Ha Ha!
I bought my first watermelon of the year this weekend and it was amazingly delicious. I didn't really have very high expectations for the sweetness and taste but it totally proved me wrong. I am so happy to see them out at the store again because watermelon is my summer staple. I eat it constantly but especially after a long run. Oh man, I wish I had some more right now!

The other exciting thing that happened recently is that the fabulous people over at Jay Robb sent me a HUGE box of goodies. I was squealing in delight when I opened the box. Even now, when I look at the picture I get very, very excited. The hubby and I and some of my expert taste testers are trying out all of the flavors but look for a review very, very soon. We have already made it through a good portion of this stuff. I am thinking that it won't last very long. Good old Jay could you not love the guy?
Is anyone else bummed that it is already Monday? Sigh! Be back to chat soon!

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