May 5, 2009

Speed Work and Physical Therapy on Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo! I really wish that I had planned some sort of Mexican meal for dinner tonight in honor of the holiday but I completely forgot. Oh well, I will have to think of some other way to celebrate. I do have avocados so maybe a little guacamole is in my future. Either that or a Pina Coloda smoothie....maybe both? After all, it is a holiday!

I had a great speed workout this morning. I did a combination of intervals that included 6 x 800 meters, 6 x 400 meters and 6 x 200 meters. I ran a 400 meter recovery jog between each set and of course ran a warm up and cool down mile. I ended up with just over 11 miles and felt great. After my run, I did a great leg workout with an emphasis on strengthening my hamstrings. I honestly can tell that I have a muscular imbalance between my quads and my hamstrings so I have been working to try and correct that. After about 45 minutes of weights, my legs were exhausted and so I treated them to a nice long stretch and then hit the showers.

I had a very intense physical therapy session this morning right after my workout. I think I may have my therapist stumped as to why I am in so much pain but he did a great job of readjusting my pelvis and loosening some of my larger muscle groups. I am quite sore at the moment but I am not sure if it is because of my workout or the therapy. I do wish that I was still laying on the table getting heat therapy, does that feel great!

I still need to find some time to squeeze in some core work today and I would love to do some yoga. I guess we will have to see how early I am able to sneak out of work. Cross your fingers for me!

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