May 7, 2009

WARNING! Long Post Ahead

I have quite a few things to chat about today and rather then stretch them out over the next few days, I am just going to go for it and give you a huge long post! Grab some coffee, get comfortable and here we go...

Yesterday I tried a new product that was sent to me by the nice people over at Greens+. According to their website Greens Plus is a 100% natural blend of 29 nutrient-rich Superfoods, Sea Vegetables and High-Energy Herbal Extracts. One serving of Greens Plus delivers more essential vitamins, trace minerals, live enzymes and high-ORAC antioxidants than 5 full servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, and provides every vibrant color in the dietary food spectrum, as recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture.

I was sent a sample size of their Greens Plus powder and mixed it with about six ounces of water. After mixing it for quite awhile it was still a little bit clumpy but I was able to drink it without any real problem. The taste was like a very strong green tea and the texture was sort of grainy. I think this powder would definitely be best mixed with juice or in a smoothie but it was the best tasting of all of the green foods I have tried. I didn't notice any huge changes in my health or energy levels but I was not expecting to after only one serving. I would like to say that I would order this but I am not sure that I would. Honestly, I would have liked to sample this product for about a week to see if it made a difference in my overall health and energy levels. I would never drink this powder for the taste and so with only one sample to try, I don't feel like I have had a chance to really see if it lives up to its claims. Greens+ has quite a line of products and I am curious about their bars, protein powders and other supplements but their prices are a little bit high for me to simply order without seeing how they work for me. If you would like more information, you can check them out here

I also tried a new soup last night from Trader Joe's.

Lentil soup is one of my favorite soups and while I was grocery shopping last week, I saw this can of Lentil Vegetable soup and thought that it would make a quick and easy dinner. When I got home from work, I threw together a quick batch of cornbread and warmed up the soup and dinner was served.

I was so happy to not have to fix a big meal and the soup was nice and cozy on a rainy evening. That being said, I don't think I would buy this soup again. To me the soup was way too salty and had a weird metallic taste to it. I think I have been spoiled by Amy's line of soups because they taste so fresh and most of them have a low sodium version. I am not a big fan of salt and so I like to have a little bit of control over how salty my food is. My cornbread turned out wonderful though and was absolutely delicious with some raw honey drizzled on top. I think the hubby liked it too because I woke up to find a few chunks of it missing this morning. I think someone had a midnight snack! Ha ha!
I had a wonderful run this morning and was able to do most of it outside. We have had non stop rain for almost a week now but the skies cleared up for a few hours this morning just in time for my run. I did three and a half miles of a tempo run on the treadmill so that I could monitor my pace and push myself a little bit. After my quick run, I did a fast upper body weight workout and then met Mel for an outside run. We ran just over five miles together and had so much fun gossiping and debating Lost theories. Seriously, that show just gets crazier and crazier. A hydrogen bomb? Really? Anyway, the run was great except for a little bit of pain in my hamstring. I am hoping that I will be able to stretch that out with some yoga tonight. If not then I will be spending most of my evening on a foam roller. Mel and I did about 15 minutes of core work when we got back to the gym and a little bit of stretching but honestly, the time just seems to go by way too quickly when I am stretching.

I am munching on some radishes and carrots today as a snack. I eat carrots every single day but radishes are one of those foods that I like but I always forget about. They are so spicy but tasty at the same time. Does anyone have any good radish recipes?

The weekend is coming up quickly and I am starting to get excited about Cap to Cap. This 100 mile bike ride is so much fun and the route is beautiful. We are supposed to have great weather on Saturday except for a few late afternoon thunder storms. It should be a blast. I am planning on bringing my camera and taking lots of pictures to share with you guys.

Okay, if you are still reading this then you are now all caught up on the world of Stacy. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Bye!

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