June 25, 2009

Blowing It All Off

I really don't have much to show you guys picture wise because I spent last night riding my bike and loving on my precious H. I am not really sure how we managed to make it happen but we both were able to get out of work a little bit early and went for a fun bike ride with a bunch of friends. It was such a wonderful feeling to blow off all of the errands and projects we should have been working on and do something fun on a Wednesday night because honestly, that NEVER happens. After a few loops around West Creek we called it a night and went home to tackle the normal Wednesday night routine.

After we had finished our "chores" and showered we realized that neither one of us were very hungry or had the energy to make dinner so H made a couple of pieces of toast with strawberry jelly and I had a bowl of cereal. We are so gourmet aren't we?! Shh! Don't tell the Foodbuzz people about our dinner because they may ask for their ad back!

This morning, I had a tough workout that I really didn't feel like doing. I was absolutely exhausted when I woke up and my neck was really sore. I think I slept in a weird position or something because I could barely move my neck and it took a good ten minutes to loosen it up. I decided to head to the gym and attempt the first few minutes of my workout but I promised my self that if I wasn't feeling it I could go back home and crawl into bed. Well, I am really glad that I made the effort to go do my workout because I ended up having a really great run. I did a 60 minute tempo run and was able to get 8.5 miles. There were definite tough moments when I wanted to quit running but overall I felt great. After my run I did a few quick sets of upper and lower body weights and then finished up with a long session on the foam roller and some stretching. It was a great workout.

My morning was a little bit crazy because,due to a few unforeseen incidents,I had to make a quick trip home before going to work and then was forced to hit up the gas station or risk running out of gas on the way to work. I wasn't able to make my usual Starbucks run but I did grab some coffee at home and it made life seem just a little bit brighter. I am just super happy that tomorrow is Friday because this has been a looong and draining week. For now though, I must get back to work. Hang in there guys, the weekend is in sight!


  1. Awww...that's so nice that you and your hubby got to enjoy some unexpected time together bike riding last night. It's those moments that make life truly worth living isn't it?
    I'm excited for the weekend too. I hope it stops raining here in MA so I can finally ride my new bike. I've yet to take it for a spin because of the weather. Your pictures made me so jealous!

  2. How do you mentally and physically handle an 8 mile run on the treadmill? My max is around 4, otherwise I have to head outdoors. This is a big problem for me right now because I can't always wake up at the crack of dawn to get a 7+ mile run in during the week and with DC heat, after work is just not an option. Which leaves me lunch time to run...and pretty soon it will be impossible to run outside at noon because of the heat.

    Happiness Awaits

  3. Fitzalan: I know that a lot of people hate treadmills but I think they are an awesome tool in regard to training. I would prefer to run outside all the time but I usually work out at 3:30am and it is just too dark to run outside...especially in the winter. Running on a treadmill began out of necessity but I have grown to appreciate it. I really believe that speedwork and tempo runs are perfect for the treadmill because you know that you are running your goal pace. With all of that being said, I HIGHLY recommend a good Ipod mix because there are some days when the music is the only thing pulling me through the run!

    Melissa: I will cross my fingers that the rain will go away.