June 11, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Whew! I am not sure when this week went into hyper drive but I am overwhelmed right now. I think I need a nap! Too bad there isn't any time for one. Maybe I can squeeze it in this weekend.
Anyway, enough whining about how busy life is. Let me just tell you about some of the weird things that happened yesterday.

First of all, I found a HUGE dead rat in the parking deck when I was leaving work last night. EWW!!! I know he was dead, but I totally freaked out, let out a loud girly scream and ran as fast as my stilettos would carry me to the car! I really hope that I don't run into any of his living relatives any time soon! EWW!!

When I got home from work last night, I realized that our apartment felt really warm. I was sort of happy about it at first because I was freezing from sitting in my cold office all day but once I turned the oven on and started making dinner, I realized that our AC was broken. Man! By the time I finished making dinner, our apartment was so hot that it felt almost cool when I went outside. It was not cool outside at all. In reality, it was 85 degrees with about 90% humidity. I have no idea how hot it was inside but it was miserable. I had a ton of muffins to bake and so really, I had no choice but to get back inside and deal with the heat. I am not going to give all of the gory details but let me just say that it was a VERY long night and I am running on just a couple hours of sleep right now. Thankfully, the AC has been repaired now and it should be nice and cool when I get home. Thank God for AC repair men!
To round out a really great day, I received a call from my precious hubby that his brand new car broke down. We think it was just something with his battery but the poor guy had a tough time getting everything repaired in between all of his clients. Needless to say, yesterday was not the best day at the Lane house. H and I literally ate dinner and then zoned out on the living room floor for a while just trying to collect all of our thoughts from the day. Seriously, I think we are in desperate need of a vacation!

Another thing that I have been really busy with is putting together my training plan for the next few months. I am planning on running the Richmond Marathon this fall and I need to start training for that in the next couple of weeks. However, the thing that made my plan tricky was trying to also fit in training for the rest of my race schedule around the mileage build for the marathon. I have a Half Ironman in September that I would like to do well at and quite a few other short races that I am trying to PR at. Check out the progress.

This plan has been a lot of work but I feel pretty good about it. This will be the fifth time I have run Richmond and I cannot wait! It is easily one of my favorite marathons because the course is awesome and the crowd support is out of this world. The only race with better crowd support is Ironman and well, really, there is just no need for comparison there. Anyway, the plan is tentatively finished and although I am sure there will be a few tweaks along the way, it is going to be about five months of torture! I can't wait!!

I realized yesterday that I haven't done a lunch box post in awhile so let me take you inside my lunch box for the day!
Let's peek inside and see what lovely food will fill my belly!
Okay, well, it really doesn't look like much today and so now I am embarrassed. However, there are some good things in there. The tupperware is filled with a delicious vegetable soup. The funky looking brown thing underneath the apple is a chocolate protein bar. If you really look down in the bottom you will see my vitamin container. Also, I have another tupperware with some watermelon and a Dr. Weil's Chia Razz bar. Of course, I always have my trusty thermos filled with coffee. So this is what my eating schedule will look like today:

8:00 - protein bar, apple and coffee
11:00 - carrots, cucumbers and watermelon
1:00ish - soup and pear
3:00 - Dr. Weil's bar and coffee

I usually leave work around 5:00 and once I get home I will grab a snack before my evening workout. H and I don't usually eat dinner until 8:00 and there is no way I could wait that long without a snack. This is a pretty typical work day eating schedule for me. It seems to work and I stay full by snacking throughout the day.

Alright folks, I have got to get on with the rest of my day. Hang in there, the weekend is right around the corner! Later!

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