June 23, 2009

Crab Walks, Bear Crawls and Burpees...Oh My!

I had a wonderful workout this morning! Tuesdays are my normal speed work day and so I went to the gym super early to get my run on. I have a sprint tri this weekend and so although I am not tapering, I am still trying to take it easy on my legs and rest up a bit for the race. After a nice easy warm up, I did a quick set of 10 x 400 meters with 400 meter recovery jogs and finished with a cool down mile. It was fast, fun and sweaty! After the speed work, I did a very quick core workout and spent some time on the foam roller. At 6:00, I went to Boot camp and had a blast.

This is what we did:
-1 mile warm up
-5 hill repeats
-Crab walk
-Another mile
-50 Step Ups
-50 tricep dips
-50 push ups
-50 burpees
-bear crawl
-Another mile
-100 jumping jacks
-25 squat jumps
-50 lunges
-50 power jumps
-25 more burpees
-25 more push ups
-6 sprints
-60 bicep curls
-TONS of core work

It was a good solid hour of exercise and I felt invigorated when it was over. I really enjoyed being outside this morning and getting a good sweat on. Don't you just love working out?!


  1. I adore working out outside. A gym just isn't for me, but for obvious reasons I use it all the time. (Weight lifting is the biggest thing.) But I knew I needed to do an interval workout today (6 miler) and had no desire to do it on the treadmill. Outside I went...at noon. I think I hit about my max in regards to heat. I have to admit, I felt like a fool.

    I am going to have to follow your lead and start waking up early to get my outside run in.

    Happiness Awaits

  2. I am such a morning person but I really admire people who can workout later in the day. The heat is just too much to deal with sometimes.

  3. I'm a total morning person as well when it comes to working out. I admire people who can go to work all day and then go to the gym. Working drains me and I just want to go home and relax. Nevermind if I have errands to run after work. There'd be no way I'd get to the gym after that. Mornings it is!

  4. Melissa: I definitely agree about mornings although four days out of the week I have to go back to the gym in the evening. It is TOUGH to get there after work but after about 15 minutes it gets easier. I tihnk the trick to sticking to a workout plan though, is finding what will work best for you. If you are a morning person who is trying to work out in the evening you will just get frustrated and quit...and vice versa.