June 3, 2009

Do You Ever Just Feel Like Screaming?

Ugh! I am not sure what is going on but this week has been tough. I am doing my absolute best to stay positive and focus on the good things in life but some days that is easier said than done. I think it is time to break out one of my thankful lists.

I Am Thankful For:
-Hugs and Kisses
-Goji Berries (my new snack of choice)
-My Beautiful Nieces and Nephews
-Bed Head Manipulator (the best hair product ever)
-A Creative Mind
-My Sexy Man (of course I have to include him because he is just awesome)
-Mouse Lady (long story but just thinking about it makes me smile)

I could probably keep going on the thankful list but I don't want to bore you guys for too long. I just need to remember that things are not as bad as they seem. I have a lot to be happy about. Okay, moving on from my personal pep talk.

Yesterday was my niece, Malia's fifth birthday. I cannot believe that she is already five. I can still remember getting a phone call at 4:00 am and rushing to the hospital for the delivery. I was in the delivery room with my sister while she gave birth and honestly, it was the craziest thing I have ever seen. Even five years later, I can remember everything about that day and it seems like time has flown by. I was able to stop by and visit with my niece this evening and it was wonderful to see her and give her lots of hugs. I really hope that this year is absolutely amazing for her and that she continues to be happy, healthy and full of life!

My amazing hubby had a really tough day yesterday and so our evening was spent trying to smile through a lot of stress. I made us a quick dinner of Naan Pizza and then we spent the evening just hanging out with each other. The pizza totally hit the spot. I really think that pizza is one of the best comfort foods. At least in the Lane House! We didn't really do much this evening but it was wonderful to spend some time together and relax. I was planning on starting my book club book but I found myself distracted by the show I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. I am such a trashy tv junkie. That show is crazy though. Seriously, if someone locked me in a chamber with rats and snakes, I would probably have a heart attack. I am SO afraid of things like that. Not to mention the whole segment where they made them eat disgusting things like a tarantula, tripe and rat's tails. Eww! There is absolutely no way that would EVER happen! Why would anyone in their right mind subject themselves to this type of torture? I just don't understand it! Wow...this has turned into quite the tangent. Oops!

I suppose I should mention what my workout was like this morning before this blog turns into a big mess of nonsense. I did an easy 3 mile run to loosen up my legs from the speed work yesterday and then I spent 30 minutes on the stair machine. I definitely worked up a good sweat while climbing the stairs and I literally kept climbing until my Ipod died. It is official ladies and gentleman, my legs can outlast the battery power in my Ipod! That is pretty freakin hardcore! After I finished with my cardio, I did a couple of quick sets of push ups and some core work. Then at 6:00, I went to yoga class with Mel. It felt absolutely wonderful to stretch this morning. My body was so happy to be in yoga class and the hour literally flew by. Before I knew it, class was over and I was fighting for a shower in the locker room. I just love getting ready for work at the gym. (This comment is dripping with sarcasm!) All in all, it was a wonderful and somewhat relaxing workout. I am trying to keep my legs loose and fresh for the race this weekend and I was proud of myself for not pushing it too much today. That is a huge step for me because normally my plan at the gym is to push as hard as I can for as long as I can. I am starting to realize the benefit to taking it easy on myself every once in awhile.

I am off to work now...BOO! Thanks for listening to me whine and spout nonsense. Seriously, sometimes this blog stuff is better than therapy! Have a wonderful day!


  1. I've been reading your blog for awhile now, but have never commented. This post really hit home for me today. I'm having a very stressful week as well. You've inspired me to concentrate on the good things in my life rather than the bad things. The bad things are only temporary right? I'm off to make a list off things I'm thankful for and then watch I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Yeah, I watch it too...so what?!

    You truly are an inspiration. I hope your week gets better :)

  2. Sorry about your bad day :(

    At least you got a run in!

  3. Melissa: Thanks for delurking. I am so glad that I am not alone in my love for trashy reality tv! : ) Crossing my fingers that the good will outweigh the bad for you this week!

    RunLiveandEnjoy: It's all about finding time for the run right? : ) I don't know how people who don't run handle stress. It is truly a mystery to me. By the way, I love your blog.