June 12, 2009

The Final Push!

Can you believe how close we are to the weekend? I can hardly wait! I am super excited about my race this weekend! I am running the XDuro 21K tomorrow morning and it looks like a super tough course! I have run portions of this course before and I absolutely love the trails but I am not sure how much I will be enjoying the trails after about 10 miles. I guess we will see how it goes. No matter what though, I am sure it will be a fun adventure! I have a feeling it is going to be a hot and humid race morning but I am not complaining because I love summer time!

Last night I went to yoga with Mel and our friend Deb. We had a great time stretching the day out of our joints. We spent quite a bit of time working on dolphin pose and did every imaginable option of boat pose. I had to sit a few of the boat poses out because my knees were feeling a little bit cranky. I am doing everything I possibly can to stay healthy and I would hate to injure my knees while doing some silly modification of boat pose. I think I am probably being overly cautious but I have a lot of goals for this race season and I really don't want an injury to get in the way of my plans. Injuries suck!

I don't really have much to tell you about on the food front because my eating is just off right now. I am having a lot of trouble with my appetite and have been forcing myself to eat. I am not sure what is going on but if I don't get my appetite back in the next few days then I will probably need to figure out what is going on. For dinner last night, H and I had bowls of the Me & Goji cereal that I designed last week. H absolutely LOVES that stuff and has already finished most of the container. I did pick out most of the golden berries before he could get to them because those are my absolute favorite. They are like a natural form of sour patch kids but with a ton of bioflavonoids and antioxidants. Plus, they are very high in protein for a fruit and rich in phosphorus, vitamins a, c, and b. I learned all about golden berries on the Me & Goji website. They have a wealth of information about all of the ingredients they offer. Seriously, that company has it going on! I also had an apple with peanut butter and it totally hit the spot. I guess it wasn't the fanciest or most creative meal but it did the trick. I am going to try really hard to make sure I get fueled properly for the race tomorrow. Wish me luck with that though because today is looking like another crazy busy day!

I know that this has been a pathetic excuse for a post but honestly, I have a to do list that is growing by the second and I need to get on it. Sigh!! I thought Fridays were supposed to be about slacking off. Apparently my to do list didn't get the memo! Later!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your appetite problems. I normally get like that after my "lady times." It'll feel like I don't eat very much all week, but by the weekend, I'm back on track and shoving my face :) I hope you feel better soon! Good luck in your race tomorrow and have a great weekend!

  2. "lady times" - I like the way you put that! : )

  3. "Lady vapors" is another elegant term. You know, for when you want to get all 1800's with it :)

    Do you ever eat almond butter? I'm strictly a peanut butter girl and am reluctant to trying new things. I'm intrigued by almond butter though and was wondering if it's as good as PB.

  4. I absolutely LOVE almond butter. I like it better than peanut butter which is saying a lot because I adore peanut butter. The nutritional profile in almond butter is awesome. Give it a try! If you don't like it then you can send me the rest of the jar! : )