June 5, 2009

The Great Greens Plus Experiment

A few weeks ago, I wrote a review for Greens Plus Powder and expressed a desire to try the greens drink for an extended period of time. After reading my review, the really awesome people over at Greens Plus sent me an entire bottle of the Greens Plus Wild Berry Burst Powder to sample.

I was a little bit nervous to commit to the greens powder because I have had some bad (read: NASTY) experiences with other greens powders in the past. I decided to talk my Sexy Man and Mel in to helping me out with the sampling. We all committed to trying the greens powder for at least one week or until we run out of powder. We are now on Day 5 and so far we are still smiling and healthy and happy. I am excited to see if we notice any change in our overall health in the next few days. There is a lot of the greens powder remaining so I have a feeling that THE GREAT GREENS PLUS EXPERIMENT (as it has been so cleverly entitled) will probably last at least another week or so. I can't wait to post a full review and let you know what happens. Stay tuned!


  1. I can't wait to read your reviews on this product. I'm interested in trying it. Do you know if they sell it at GNC? Also, this is gross, but does it make you go #2? Sorry, but I have a very sensitive stomach when it comes to powdered drink mixes for some reason, but would really like to try this.
    I hope your having a great weekend...we miss you on the blog!

  2. Hi Melissa. Thanks for the blog loving! In answer to your questions, Greens Plus products are not available at GNC. They can be ordered online at greensplus.com. In regard to the #2 question, I have a very sensitive stomach as well and I have had no problems with any of the Greens Plus products. Everything seems normal so far. : )

  3. Hi, Stacy. I want to thank you so much for your wonderfully inspiring blog. I'm addicted to it! My name is Diane and I'm the one who sent you the Greens+. I'm glad you are enjoying it so far and can't wait to hear the outcome of the Great Greens+ Experiment! I wanted to let your readers know that if they would like to try the product, all they need to do is send me their address to diane@greensplus.com and I would be happy to send them samples and information. Thanks again for your dedication to health and wellbeing and for inspiring me!

  4. Diane: Thank you very much for your kind words and for hooking me up with the Greens+ products. I am absolutely loving them. I am officially addicted to the energy bars and I have an intense love for the protein bars. I found some at my local Whole Foods and they have become a huge part of my diet. I will make sure to post something about your generous offer of samples for all of my readers. You are too kind!

  5. I Just started taking greens plus last week. Bought all three flavors and love them all! I workout a lot and use it as a recovery formula. Taste is great for me, no ill effects, felt better immediately after drinking it. Love love love it, hope it stays around for awhile! Thank you greens plus!

    Sincerely, -Brian