June 15, 2009

Groceries vs. Cleaning

I have been blessed with a man who loves to clean. My H does about 90% of the cleaning and laundry at our house which is awesome! My job is to handle all of the grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking. I think we are both pretty happy with the way the chores are divided and it has been working for us so far. H and I both eat quite a bit of food and we are very picky about what we like. As a result, we could easily spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars each week on groceries. We have set a budget for ourselves and we do everything possible to stick to the budget. Each week I sit down and write out our meal plan for the week. We hardly ever eat out so we plan for seven dinners and I also plan ideas for our breakfast and lunch. We both pack our breakfast and lunch to take with us to work so we always need to have plenty of portable options to pack in a lunch box. After the meal plan is complete, I write down all of the ingredients we need and check the pantry for any staples we may be running low on.
The final step before I do the grocery shopping is to find as many coupons as I can because those little suckers can save a fortune. Once my list is prepared I head to the store for my one big shop of the week. I make one big trip to the grocery store each week and then one quick trip to restock our fruit, veggies and milk. We tend to run out of those things quickly and I prefer to have my produce as fresh as possible. I took a few pictures of what a typical grocery trip yields. I tried to fit it all in one picture but it just wouldn't fit because it is a lot of food!

Honestly, it is a little bit ridiculous because all of this is just for the two of us. Sheesh! I usually shop at three different stores each week which is a pain in the butt. None of the stores I shop at carry everything I need and so I make the drive from store to store to pick up what I need. It is quite frustrating but honestly, I would still pick the grocery shopping over cleaning any day!
Which one would you choose?


  1. I would definately pick the shopping over the cleaning any day. I hate the smell of cleaning products and my nails and hands get dry and gross. I love grocery shoping! I like reading the labels and checking out new products when they come in. I think I like grocery shopping better than clothes shopping hahaha!

  2. I would almost agree with you except that I absolutely LOVE shopping for shoes! : )