June 15, 2009

How Is It Already Monday?

Seriously, what happened to the weekend? I cannot believe that it is already time to go back to work. Sigh! I spent a lot of the weekend sleeping because I just feel so exhausted. I think I am coming down with something because I have had a major headache for a couple of days now. I certainly hope that I am not getting sick because I have way too much going on right now to waste time being sick. I think I am going to up my vitamins and make sure I stay hydrated. Does anyone know of any other ways to help fight off illness? I would love a few suggestions!

Despite not feeling so great this weekend, I did manage to have a little bit of fun. The XDuro 21K was on Saturday morning and it was SO much fun. I absolutely loved this race. It was very challenging and filled with hills but the trails were absolutely gorgeous! It was a steamy 75 ish degrees at the start and very humid. I was literally soaked with sweat after the first couple of miles but we had aid stations every couple of miles and the shade on the trails definitely helped to keep me cool. We also had the advantage of getting soaked in the river at one point which really helped to cool me off. My feet were soaked and my shoes were sloshy but I felt completely hardcore. I was having some knee issues at the beginning of the race but once I started running and found my pace, my legs felt great. I was really proud of the way I paced myself in this race because I didn't go out too fast and I maintained a nice strong but steady pace the entire time. I never felt like I was pushing myself too hard and had plenty of energy left at the end. I was absolutely shocked when I finished to find out that I was fifth overall and second in my age group. It sort of made me wish that I had pushed myself a little bit harder but there is always next year right? I don't have any pictures from the race because there was no way I could bring my camera out on those trails. I wish that I had brought my camera to the awards ceremony though because I would love to have some pictures of that. I mean, it isn't every day that I get to stand up on the podium and receive an award! It was a wonderful race and a really fun morning! After the race, Mel and Billy treated me to a delicious smoothie and then I went home to shower and nap. After getting cleaned up and resting for a couple of hours, I went to the gym for a quick swim. I did an easy 1200 meters and then my head started to hurt REALLY bad. I literally thought that I was going to throw up in the pool. Mel, was at the pool with me and she was feeling sick too. We did our best to try and figure out what was causing our headaches but all of the thinking just made my head hurt even more. Ha ha! That's what I get for thinking right?! Anyway, we cut our swim short and both went home to rest. however, I didn't actually get much rest. As soon as I got home, H reminded me that we had a date planned for the evening and so after a quick change we were back out the door for a night on the town. We went to see a sneak preview of The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds and it was absolutely hilarious. There were quite a few parts where I was literally laughing out loud. It was nice to hang out with my hubby and do something fun together. We haven't been able to do that in a long time and I really miss it. We have both just been so busy with work and training but I need to make sure that I keep our marriage a priority. When the movie was over we were both absolutely starving so we made a quick snack run and then snuggled up on the couch to have a midnight snack.

Sunday was another busy day but I did find some time to relax. After a good night of sleep, I did a thorough cleaning of my bike and then went out for a nice ride. A few weeks ago, Andrew over at Beaker Concepts sent me a pair of bibs to try out and I have to tell you that they were the most comfortable piece of cycling gear I have ever tried.

I have spent a small fortune on bike gear and have some very, very expensive cycling shorts but honestly after trying out the Beaker Concepts gear, I cannot imagine ever wearing anything else.
(Just to let you know, I did put on a cycling jersey before I went out on my bike. I just wanted you to see the full structure of the bibs. Is that picture inappropriate? H and I couldn't decide but honestly, I have more clothes on than I would have on at the pool.)

The fit was absolutely amazing! There was enough padding and support without feeling restricted and uncomfortable. I had no problems with chaffing and personally, I think riding down the road with Beaker Concepts on my butt is awesome!

You should definitely check out the gear over at Beaker Concepts. This is the company that makes the awesome compression socks that I told you about a few weeks ago. Everything I have tried from this company has been above and beyond what I expected. I am already writing out a wish list to give to the hubby! You can find out more at beakerconcepts.com. Anyway, back to my ride, it was quite warm outside and my legs were feeling a little bit cranky but I managed to finish 30 miles pretty quickly. As soon as I finished the ride, I did a quick change and went out for a 30 minute run. At this point it was very hot outside but H and I managed to finish a quick loop around our neighborhood and then finished with a walk to cool down. It was a good solid workout and my body felt wonderful. After the workout and some lunch, I took a quick shower and went to have some coffee at Barnes and Noble. It was such a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. Around 5:00, I made it back home and promptly fell asleep for about an hour. I still had the pounding headache and was hoping that it would be gone after my nap. Unfortunately, I had no luck with the headache and decided to get up and do some chores around the house. After a couple of hours of work and a quick dinner of quinoa and veggies, I went back to bed. Honestly, you would think that after all of the sleep I was able to get this weekend that I would feel alive and full of energy right now. Instead, I am sucking down coffee like a Hoover and wishing that I could crawl under my desk for a nap. Hopefully this is just a case of the Monday Blues.
Is it too early to be wishing for the weekend?

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