June 18, 2009

Tempo Thursdays Are Back!

I just love this picture!

Today marked my return to tempo running on Thursday mornings. I have been taking a break from tempo runs for about two months and I absolutely loved the break. However, my marathon plan starts on Monday and I decided to get a jump on my tempo running and try one out this morning. Ugh! It was tough! I forgot how hard tempo running is! I did a short 45 minute tempo run and ended up with six and a half miles. After the run, I grabbed some water and rushed over to spin class. I wasn't able to ride my bike last night and needed to get some cycling in. Spin class was my only option this morning and it was a pretty decent class. After the actual spin portion of class, we did about 30 minutes of upper body weights with resistance bands and hand weights. The weights portion of class was great. I enjoyed using something besides my leg muscles for a little while! : ) After a quick stretch, I was more than ready to get out of the gym and go find some breakfast.

I have a little something to share with you. Who is in the mood for some veggie porn?

Oh yeah! That looks great doesn't it!?

This was dinner last night along with a slice of pizza. Trust me, the veggies were definitely the star of the show!

I am really starting to get excited about this weekend. H and I have a couple of great workouts planned and we are also attending an Advanced Yoga Techniques workshop. I am excited to work on my yoga technique because honestly, a few of my poses look really sloppy. It is supposed to be super hot here on Saturday and I am crossing my fingers that I will make it to the pool. I haven't been to the pool (to relax and lay out) in almost two years which seems really weird to me. Last summer, my weekends were consumed by training for Ironman. The only thing I felt like doing when my workouts were finished was to take a long nap and eat a bunch of food. This year, we don't have a crazy race schedule or anything major to train for and I am really enjoying the break. I think mentally and physically my body is just ready for a break. This old body better enjoy the break though because next year we are going back to Ironman!! Yay!

Alright, I better get to work. Enjoy your Thursday!


  1. Did you decide to stop photographing your meals? I like the pictures of your lunchbox and meals that you used to do. It helped to give me ideas for my own lunches. Just wondering. Thanks :)

  2. Anon: In answer to your question, I have not stopped taking pictures of my meals. I have never been the type of food blogger to post everything I eat or cook. I have a lot of reasons for this but most of the time it is simply because I forget or else my meal is not anything that would be blog worthy. I will try to post a bit more food next week. Cool?

  3. I miss my spin class - when my office moved, the gym I belonged to was no longer convenient - now I have my new office gym that just has weights and ellipticals, and Cardinal Fitness by my house, which doesn't have any classes either :(

    I am tempted to get up early one of these Saturdays - a place 30 minutes from my house has drop in Bikram (sp?) yoga for only $12 for a 90 minute class. Right now sleeping in is winning though!

  4. Awesome workouts! Your blog is truly inspiring.

  5. Thanks for the blog love Jennifer!

    biz319: I have never tried Bikram but that sounds like a great deal. The best deal I can find around here is $20 for a 60 minute class. If you try it out, let me know what you think.