June 24, 2009

Top Secret Sandwiches

Last night for dinner H and I tested one of our ideas for the Mezzetta Sandwich Contest. I am hoping to submit a few different recipes so we have been trying to make at least one of our recipe ideas each week. Our sandwich idea was a great dinner and I think with a couple of tweaks it could be a great entry.

We are planning on having a couple of expert taste testers over to help us sample the sandwich before we send in our entry. Honestly, our sandwich sample dinner is just an excuse to have an impromptu dinner party but whatever! Anyway, the sandwich was delicious but I can't tell you what was in it because it is top secret. Shh!

I received a huge package of Vega Whole Food Smoothie Infusion in the mail yesterday. I was planning on trying it out after dinner but I was too full to make a shake.

I am very excited to try this stuff out though because it looks awesome. It is made from raw natural plant based whole foods and gives your smoothie a huge boost of protein, fiber and Omega 3's. I will definitely let you guys know what I think once I get a chance to sample it.

My workout this morning was super easy and relaxing. I did a nice easy 6 miles, a core workout and a ton of push ups. After I finished the solo stuff, I met Mel for yoga class. Yoga was awesome this morning and just what my tight old hamstrings needed. I am planning on riding my bike tonight with a bunch of friends and my precious H so that will be fun. I love to ride my beautiful bike on summer nights. It makes me feel like a kid again!

I was looking at old pictures and found some wonderful old vacation pictures. The pictures totally made me want to go on vacation. Back to work for me though...sigh! At least I can sit at my desk and daydream! Later guys!

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