June 8, 2009

Ultra Marathon Post

I have a LOT to tell you guys because the last couple of days have been super busy. I may not be an ultra marathon runner but this post is going to feel like we are all running for hours and hours. Don't worry though, it is going to be fun! Sit back, relax, grab a snack and let's go!

Greens + Offer
First I have to mention to all of my lovely readers that the amazing Diane over at Greens + would love to hook you guys up with a sample of Greens + products. All you have to do is send an email with your address to diane@greensplus.com and she will take care of the rest. I cannot even begin to tell you how impressed I have been with this company. Do yourself a favor and try them out. There is absolutely nothing to lose! (Thanks again Diane!)

North Bank Trail
On Saturday, Mel, H and I went to the beautiful North Bank Trail for a quick trail run. We are all running the XDuro 21K next weekend and wanted to get in a little bit of trail running before the event. I absolutely love to run trails and the North Bank Trail is one of my favorites. We had a great time running up and down the hills, ducking under trees, jumping from rock to rock and doing our best to avoid poison ivy. We stopped running after about 7 miles because we had a race on Sunday to get ready for. Trail running wears my legs out and I didn't want to overdo it and suffer on Sunday during the race. It was a great time! If you live in the Richmond area, you should definitely check these trails out. After our great run, we went and had some coffee at the Ellwood Thompson's Coffee Shop. We sat out on the patio, sipping our lattes and watching the world go by. It was a fabulous way to spend a sunny Saturday morning.

Chia Pudding and Coconut Date Rolls
Saturday afternoon, my precious hubby had to do some work so I invited Mel over to do a little bit of raw food baking. (Is it called baking or cooking if you aren't baking or cooking anything? Would it be called raw food preparation? I am so confused by all of this!) I have been trying to come up with some sort of recipe to use my Chia Seeds from Navita's Naturals and the Internet is full of recipes for different types of chia puddings. I combined all of the recipes to come up with my own version of a Raw Foods Chia Pudding and although it didn't turn out the way I imagined it was still very good. Here is what we did:

-Combine chia seeds and coconut in a mixing bowl.

-Blend dates, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, agave, water and raw soaked almonds in your food processor until smooth and creamy.

-Mix well to combine and then place in the fridge to set.

Serve and enjoy.

I do not have exact measurements of our ingredients because although we did follow a recipe, we added things as we went according to our own personal taste. If you are interested in making your own chia pudding, I would suggest checking out the recipe for Holiday Chia Pudding over at Eat Live Run. This is the recipe that I based my own experiment on.
Mel and I had quite a few dates leftover so we decided to make a few coconut date rolls. I think they look so pretty and fancy...plus they taste amazing! All we did was roll the dates in unsweetened coconut. Super easy and very delicious!

The hubby and I got a little wild on Saturday night and decided to experiment with a new look for my sexy man! I gave him a super cool mohawk and I have to admit that I am rather proud of my hair cutting skills! What do you think of his new look?

Me & Goji

A couple of weeks ago, Adam over at Me & Goji emailed me with an offer that I simply couldn't refuse. Me & Goji is a company that allows you to design your own cereal from a collection of more than 50 ingredients and I was offered the chance to design my very own cereal. I was super excited to concoct my dream cereal and got right to work. The Me & Goji website is super cool and very easy to navigate. Th only problem I had was trying to decide on the best mixture of ingredients because there were so many great choices.

I finally settled on a granola base with flax, quinoa, chia and all sorts of dried fruit from blueberries to golden berries and even mango. My special cereal arrived within two days of placing my order and I couldn't wait to try it out. As soon as I opened the package, H and I were picking out little pieces of dried fruit and nuts and granola clusters.
It was all so delicious! Me & Goji is a great company with an amazing product. It is a little bit pricey but I believe that the quality of the product makes it more than worth the price. This is honestly the best granola I have ever had...and I have had a LOT of granola! Go check them out at meandgoji.com and thanks again Adam!

Stratford Hills 10K

Sunday morning I ran in a local 10K and had SO much fun! The Stratford Hills 10K is a tough hilly course but the course runs along the James River and is absolutely beautiful. I had a blast running this race even though the entire last mile was up a huge hill! Hills are awesome once you get up to the top of them! I love the feeling of accomplishment when the hills are all behind you and the only thing you see is the finish line. I finished fourth overall and was second in my age group which made me super happy. Mel ran the race also and came in third in her age group. She is just awesome and such a strong runner! H came out to run but had some issues with his hamstrings and decided to sit this one out. He did a great job of cheering us on though...he is such a sexy cheerleader!
It was a fun race and one that I hope to do again next year.

Vaso Socks By Beaker Concepts

After the race, I went home and immediately put on my new pink compression socks. Andrew over at Beaker Concepts sent me an amazing package of goodies a few weeks ago and one of the items in the package were these super cool compression socks. I have been wanting to try them out for a couple of weeks and I finally had the chance. I slipped them on and pulled them as far up on my legs as possible. Then I wore them while I did some stretching and took a little power nap. My legs felt amazing after I took them off and not nearly as sore as they do after a race. I am not saying that I was pain free but my legs felt strong enough to go for a bike ride. I decided to try out my legs and see how they felt so I pulled Pink Lady (my beautiful bike) out of the bike closet and did a quick 15 miles around my neighborhood. It was a nice fast ride and my legs felt great. Even today, I am not experiencing any of the usual pain and soreness that comes after a race. I am definitely a fan of these socks and I am planning on purchasing them in every color...although I must say I am partial to the pink! I cannot wait to try out the other products from Beaker Concepts because so far they have been excellent.

Can you believe we made it to the end of that post!? Whew! If you are still reading this then you are pretty hardcore! See you soon!

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  1. Cheers to a great weekend! I need those socks in my life. Now please.