June 22, 2009

A Very Merry Monday Morning

Whew! What a super busy weekend! There is absolutely no way I can recap all of it but I did want to mention a couple of cool things.

On Saturday, I went to a local farmer's market and had a great time walking around checking out all of the fresh organic produce, breads, cheese, crafts and more. I went to the South of the James Market and was very impressed.
If you live in the Richmond area then I definitely recommend that you check it out. I didn't buy any produce because I was a little bit late getting there and most of the really good stuff was already gone. I had a brick workout to fit in on Saturday morning and so it was already lunch time before I made it out there. I did buy a really great iced coffee though. The beans were freshly roasted and it was honestly the best iced coffee I have had in a long time. I would go back to the farmer's market just for the coffee!

After the farmer's market, I went to an Advanced Yoga Techniques workshop. It was a wonderful two hour workshop that focused on proper form and technique. We did quite a few new poses and also practiced variations of some popular poses. I was definitely sore in a few weird places when the workshop was over. My hips felt really open but sore...in a good way! It was a nice relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Other than that, my weekend consisted of a lot of running, some swimming, a couple of long naps and a bunch of Father's Day stuff. It was a beautiful weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the summer weather. It is so nice to break out all of my tank tops and shorts again.

My Monday is going pretty great for a Monday. I woke up and had a wonderful workout. I did an easy two mile jog to warm up my legs and then spent about an hour working on upper body weights and core stuff. When my muscles were thoroughly exhausted, I headed over to spin class. I spent a couple of minutes getting my bike all set up and started pedaling when one of the gym employees walked in to inform the class that our instructor forgot she was supposed to teach and was on her way. Well, rather than get off the bike, I decided to just keep spinning and cross my fingers that she would get to the gym fast. About twenty minutes later she finally showed up and you would have thought that a drill sergeant had entered the room. I think that she felt bad for being late because we immediately went into sprints and then spent the next eight minutes in a hard tough climb. Sheesh! Our class went about 15 minutes longer than it normally does and I was very happy to get off that bike. My legs were burning from all of the sprints and climbs and tempo intervals. It was a great way to start off the morning!!

After a quick shower and a coffee stop, I made it to work and sat down to a very indulgent breakfast. Last night I made a batch of chai latte cupcakes with a cinnamon maple cream cheese icing and I knew that it would make the perfect Monday morning breakfast.
It was absolutely delicious and went perfectly with my coffee. I also had a banana with my breakfast and my tummy was super happy. I think it might be a good idea to start every morning off with a cupcake!

I have a pretty busy day and not a lot of motivation. Work is piling up on my desk faster than I can get it done which always sucks. After work, I have to go back to the gym for my swim workout and then I have a pie and four batches of muffins to bake. Hopefully I can get it all done pretty quickly so that I can squeeze in a late night walk with my H.

Over the weekend, H and I tried out a new type of granola from the awesome people over at Simbree. I received a package of the Cocoa Almond Cherry Granola and I was super excited to try it out.
The ingredients list for this granola is amazing. It is made with quinoa and buckwheat instead of oats which was a nice change. Don't get me wrong, I love oats but the texture and taste of this granola was absolutely amazing. Also, the granola is sweetened with agave which is a HUGE plus for me. To top it all off, there were delicious chunks of almonds, dried cherries and cacao nibs that were out of this world.
I absolutely loved this product and I am not going to lie, we ate the entire package in less than two days. It was just too good to leave it sitting in my cabinet. I am definitely planning on ordering some of this granola. You can find out more about it at simbree.com. You may want to order a couple of packages because it disappears pretty fast!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday. I may be back later because I have a great recipe to share. Hopefully I will have time to post it today. Later!


  1. Welcome back to the interweb! I'm glad to see that you enjoyed your time "playing hooky." Your weekend looks like it was so much fun. I wish we had yoga workshops at the Farmer's Markets in Massachusetts. The one's I've been to are just the typical fruits, veggies, cheeses and seafood.
    I have to report that I've increased my runs from four miles to five miles! Also, I bought a bike this weekend! I spent yesterday just riding all over the place. My boyfriend might buy one too!
    Can't wait for the recipe :)

  2. I like Farmer's Markets too. And cupcakes!